Former Buffs show off for NFL scouts

More than a dozen scouts were on hand to watch former CU players work out for a chance to play professional football.

Several former Colorado Buffaloes put themselves on display Thursday during the school's annual pro timing day.

A total of 14 NFL scouts, plus at least one from the Canadian Football League, were on hand to watch several players run sprints, shuttle drills, etc., lift weights and do position-specific work.

CU's top pro prospect, lineman Ryan Miller, did much of his work at the NFL combine last month, but did participate in several drills Thursday. Miller and fellow lineman Ethan Adkins did a lot of work together and both made a good impression.

Two other big-name Buffs, quarterback Tyler Hansen and running back Rodney Stewart, made impressions, as well.

"I thought all my numbers were what I expected," said Hansen, who has a good chance at getting a shot at going to an NFL camp in the fall. "Throwing-wise, I missed two throws; two throws I want back. That's OK. I threw a lot of balls and I was sucking wind. It was a good day."

Stewart was a little slower than he hoped in the 40-yard sprint -- he ran a 4.5, but has been clocked at 4.4 -- but felt good about his day, too. He was seen having one-on-one talks with a few scouts.

There were three Buffs who stole the show Thursday.

Wide receiver Toney Clemons, defensive back Travis Sandersfeld and fullback Evan Harrington all had great days in front of the scouts and likely increased their chances of getting a shot in the NFL.

Clemons not only flashed his speed, but his overall ability to run routes and catch passes.

Sandersfeld impressed scouts with his great physical tools, including his speed, strength and vertical leap.

Harrington did the same, showing he may have what it takes to play fullback at the pro level.

"I'm very pleased with my day today," Harrington said. "My goal was to run fast and jump high and just improve on all my numbers, and that's what I did.

"A couple scouts came to me and said they wanted to talk to me afterwards, and my times are good. I'm just waiting it out hopefully something will happen."

Harrington said he was optimistic about his chances of playing pro ball even before Thursday, but after his performance he said, "I feel much better about today."

Harrington, Sandersfeld and many other players went out with a simple goal of being noticed. Safety Anthony Perkins, fullback/linebacker Tyler Ahles, Adkins, linebackers David Goldberg and Josh Hartigan and many others did what they could to make an impression.

"I think my numbers could have been a little bit better, but I'm happy with how I performed," Hartigan said. "I came out to try to do my best, do what I can and put myself in a better situation, give myself an opportunity to get some looks from some teams. Hopefully I get a call sometime soon."

That's really what the timing day was all about: getting a chance to get that call.

"It's an exciting time, because all these kids at some point -- eight, nine, 10 years old -- had a dream of playing in the NFL," said CU head coach Jon Embree, who played in the NFL. "This is their day, so to speak, of showing the guys in the NFL they're worthy of an opportunity."

Harrington, for one, left with a positive attitude about his chances.

"I feel like if I get my foot in the door, I'll have the best opportunity and I'm not going to let anybody try to take it away from me," he said.

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