Webb adds muscle to Colorado LB crew

Colorado's Derrick Webb hopeful he can be a better player in 2012

Derrick Webb has never been shy about hitting the opposition.

After a good offseason to this point, the Colorado junior linebacker can't wait to get reacquainted with his foes.

Webb has put on 15 pounds since last season and now sits at 230 pounds.

"I'm feeling bigger, stronger," he said. "I put on a little weight, good weight. I'm excited to introduce it to some new running backs in the Pac-12."

Webb, who plays at Will linebacker, made six starts last year and played in all 13 games. He finished with 54 tackles, including four behind the line of scrimmage. His play made a good impression on the Buffs coaching staff.

"Derrick's always a guy that's going to fly to the ball," defensive coordinator Greg Brown said. "That's his thing. He's going to run to the ball and create some havoc. He's always been one of those guys that can uncoil when he's going to tackle. He can bring the wood, as they say."

Webb is hoping to do more of that this year and feels the added weight can help him.

"I feel more explosive, definitely," he said. "I'm able to take on blocks more square and hold my ground better. I definitely feel the difference out here with the extra weight, extra muscle.

"I've been really working on my lower body strength. That's where I want to put most of my weight. I feel like that's where most of the game is played, especially linebacker. You've got to be able to hold your ground with guards and tackles."

Webb's added muscle should combine with his experience to make him a better player this year, he said.

"It helped a bunch," he said of his 2011 playing time. "I went out there and I made some plays, I made some mistakes. For the most part I learned from the mistakes and the experience. I got a lot of experience last year and I feel like it's made me a better player for right now."

Webb said there were too many times last year when he had to think before reacting.

"Sometimes you might get lucky just off of reaction," he said. "I did that a lot last year, just kind of reacting. You've got to find a balance, so you're not just running like a chicken with his head cut off around the field. It's takes pre-snap reads and then being able to react."

Through the first part of spring practice, Webb said he's already feeling more comfortable in that regard.

"I've been able to play a lot faster because I've trained myself to keep my eyes where they're supposed to be and make reads a lot faster," he said.

With added muscle, experience and intelligence, Webb is as confident as ever.

"I'm feeling good about the spring," he said.

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