Phillip Lindsay staying home

Family is important to Denver South running back Phillip Lindsay and having the opportunity to spend his college career at a BCS school where his family could see most of his games played a big part in his decision to be a Buff. Get inside for more.

Denver South running back Phillip Lindsay said several months ago that he was leaning toward Colorado in the recruiting process. Sure, the fact that CU is the only school to offer him so far played a part, but Lindsay says it wouldn't have mattered much what other schools were involved. The idea of spending his college career 45 minutes away from his parents and little brothers was too much to pass up.

Lindsay became the first member of the 2013 Colorado recruiting class when he committed last week. Since then, he has endured a bout with the stomach flu and his house being broken into, which delayed his ability to enjoy his decision and talk with us about it.

"It's exciting," Lindsay said of being the first recruit in the class. "I didn't look at it as that. I didn't know I was going to be the first, but once I committed and they said that, I was like, 'Wow, that's pretty cool.' I just want to get this program up and going again."

Lindsay, the cousin of former Oklahoma State standouts Tony Lindsay and Gabe Lindsay, said he gets along well with CU coaches, especially his future position coach Eric Bieniemy, and there was no reason to prolong the recruiting process.

He said after making a trip to Boulder last week, he came home and talked to his parents about his options. He said he sat alone for a few hours after that discussion before making up his mind.

"I felt great up there," he said. "I was treated well. I felt at home. That was a real big thumbs up going home."

Lindsay said he believes Colorado State coaches were about to offer him before his commitment and that offer still might come. He said he also has been talking with coaches from Utah and UCLA. He said he doesn't believe anything will change his mind about being a Buff.

Lindsay said although he still has his senior season to come next fall, he already is looking forward to getting to Boulder to help rebuild the Buffs into the powerful program he used to watch regularly when he was a little boy.

At 5-foot-9, 170 pounds, Lindsay has room to grow and it's possible he could add a few inches and likely he will gain weight before his freshman season. He said he feels confident that he can compete for playing time even if he has no dramatic changes.

"I don't get into worrying about if they bring a lot more running backs in," Lindsay said. "Running backs are going to be everywhere. Anywhere you go, any college you're going to have to compete. That's what I'm there for. If I'm good enough, I'll get the starting spot or I'll get to get on the field for some time."

Lindsay also runs track for South and will participate in the 100 and 200-yard dashes as well as several relay teams this spring.

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