Dan Skipper on a recruiting odyssey

Dan Skipper, a 6-foot-10 tackle from Ralston Valley High School in Arvada, has become very popular in the 2013 recruiting cycle and he's making sure to thoroughly explore all his options before choosing a school and a football program. Get inside for more on his latest visits and his relationship with Colorado coaches.

Dan Skipper, a three-star recruit who has been compared to former Colorado All-American tackle Nate Solder because of his height and agility, has visited more than half the schools in the Pac-12 Conference this month and is moving on the SEC.

Skipper visited Missouri late last week and enjoyed his time in Columbia, Mo., getting to know coach Gary Pinkel and his staff in person.

Skipper is fortunate to be in position where he can travel the country and see many of the schools that have offered him scholarships this summer.

"I liked it a lot," Skipper said if his trip to Mizzou. "It's a good school. I like the coaching staff. It's a great program."

Skipper said co-offensive line coaches Josh Henson and Bruce Walker are his primary recruiting contacts with the Tigers. He said he also hears from coach Pinkel at times.

"I really like them a lot," Skipper said. "I really like coach Walker. He's a real down-to-earth guy, and coach Henson as well. I really like their coaching staff."

As Skipper was preparing to leave Columbia, he spoke on the phone with Colorado coach Jon Embree.

"I just got off the phone with coach Embree," Skipper said. "I like CU a lot. I like coach Marshall. The program is heading in a very good direction."

When asked if he was leaning toward leaving the state for school or staying home, Skipper said, "I think that is the purpose of this trip is to figure that out."

Missouri was the tail end of a lot of travel and visits this month. Earlier in the month he went to Utah, Boise State, Washington State, Oregon State, Oregon and Washington. When Skipper referred to "making this trip" he was talking about his time on the road seeing all of those schools.

In the next week or so, Skipper says he will visit Vanderbilt, Tennessee and Alabama.

Skipper said his philosophy in visiting so many programs is simple.

"Seeing different areas of the country, meeting some people and kind of just figuring out where and what types of environment that I want to go to college," Skipper said. "A big city, a small town or somewhere in between. A college town or a lack of a college town."

Skipper said he is starting to find answers to some of the questions he had when he started the process, but he is still nowhere near ready to make a decision.

"I'm still not done," he said. "I still haven't seen the south. Missouri is considered part of the south, but it's not the deep south, So I can't make an informed decision."

Skipper said he hasn't ruled out any of the programs recruiting him. He said he is taking notes on every visit he makes and placing them in a folder. He said once he completes his visits, he plans to sit down and go through the notes and trim his list.

Skipper said he is looking at studying something in science or engineering and the academic side will be a big part of his decision.

"That will be a big deal, whether they have the program or they have something else I'd be interested in studying," he said. "I'm not going to go in and major in eligibility. That is not my goal."

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