Colorado camp Q&A: Coach J.D. Brookhart

Colorado tight ends coach J.D. Brookhart answers questions about veteran Nick Kasa and his heralded crop of freshmen.

Scout: Nick Kasa is an older guy; inexperienced, but he's been there almost a year now. What are you seeing out of him?

Brookhart: I think we got a lot of work done this spring, but it's apparent he did a lot this summer. I told him to go make 4 years of mistakes. Now that's impossible to do in two months, but I see a guy with a way different comfort level. Is he there yet? Not by any means. He's got a long way to go in a lot of areas, but he's getting there. He's going to get that game experience. It'll take some time, but Nick's got a chance to be a good player.

Scout: You are obviously very inexperienced at the position, but with Nick, do you see him as a guy that can contribute and be a big part of the offense?

Brookhart: Absolutely, I do.

Scout: A lot of fans are excited about the freshmen, especially Austin Ray and Vincent Hobbs. What are you seeing out of them?

Brookhart: They're freshmen. We're in day 2 of practice and they're swimming. They're all different. Austin is a very, very smart guy that's going to be a big kid. He's got good hands, gets the game, played the game. He's gotten a lot of coaching obviously. Sean Irwin, he's a football player. We'd love to redshirt him and get him bigger and all that stuff because he's a football player. And then, Vincent is an ex-basketball guy who his still learning football. It's all new to him. Athletically he's a pretty good player.

I'm excited about all three of them. It's just, at what point can you use them? We'll find out.

Scout: Sounds like Hobbs is a little bit above those other guys, but how do you tell that this early?

Brookhart: He's pretty athletic. Vincent is pretty athletic and because of basketball, he catches the ball well. It's so early to say; you're going to see things go up and back the whole time. At this point, I'm excited and let's see where we're at in 2 1/2 weeks.

Scout: But, they are guys that you like?

Brookhart: Oh, they're going to play football at CU.

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