Colorado camp Q&A: Quarterback Jordan Webb caught up with junior quarterback Jordan Webb on Wednesday. Webb is in his first year with Colorado after transferring from Kansas. He spent two years with the Jayhawks and was their primary starter during those years. Now, he's in a three-way battle with Nick Hirschman and Connor Wood for the starting job with the Buffs.

Scout: How are things going so far?

Webb: It's going good. I'm trying to get better every day. I'm trying to find a couple things to focus on my game every day. I'm feeling acclimated. It's a great team environment. The guys are awesome and the coaching staff is great. I couldn't ask for a better situation to come in to.

Scout: How different is Colorado's playbook compared to Kansas' playbook?

Webb: It's pretty different. The routes are going to be the same, but as far as the quarterback responsibilities in the run game, there's a lot more to do here and protections there's a lot more to do here. Also, I've maybe thrown 10 passes in my career under center, so that's something I'm adjusting to, but I feel like I'm doing pretty well at it. I like it. It gives you some different launch points and it keeps the quarterback protected, which is cool to me.

Scout: Will you have as many opportunities to make plays with your feet?

Webb: Maybe not as much, but I'm fine with that. I want to sit back in the pocket and be comfortable. This offensive line is going to protect whoever the quarterback is. I've taken some hits in my career and I'm kinda over that part. I want to sit in the pocket and be comfortable and toss it around.

Scout: How have you been accepted by your teammates?

Webb: I've been accepted great. These guys are really helpful, which, that's hard to ask for. When it comes to competition, I'm behind the eight ball as far the playbook, and they're doing everything they can to help me.

Scout: Why did you pick Colorado?

Webb: I just looked at the situation with the coaching staff and when I came up here on my visit, I fell in love with Boulder. You can't beat the view. And, it just felt like the right thing to do.

Scout: How do you compare with the other guys in this battle?

Webb: I really try not to compare myself to the other guys. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't confident that I could be the guy, but I know whoever is going to be the guy is going to give us a great chance to win.

Scout:You have the most college game experience among the group; do you feel like that game experience can give you an edge?

Webb: That's one of the reasons they brought me in, honestly. (Quarterbacks coach Rip) Scherer was big on that. He knows it's a whole different thing when the lights go on and there's 60,000 people screaming. You have to put up or shut up at that point and I've proven I can play at that level and I intend to do that here.

Scout: You feel like you'll be the guy?

Webb: I'm not going to say that. I just have to keep learning. As long as I keep learning, I think physically with everything, I can pick it up perfect.

Scout: Would you be OK if you go into the season as a backup?

Webb: Definitely. I understand that it's football. I didn't come here with a guarantee. I came here knowing I had to compete my butt off to really have a shot. I think I'm doing that.

Scout: What's your favorite thing about Boulder so far?

Webb: Like I said, you can't beat the view, but I think the people are cool. It's way different from anywhere I've ever lived. I'm from Missouri and lived in Kansas and now it's kinda out here in the weird west. It's really cool. Pearl Street is probably my favorite thing, though. It's a fun spot.

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