Top prospect capsules: Nos. 70-61

Get the latest updates on the top prospects from the Scout 100. Today: Nos. 70-61.

Each weekday between now and Signing Day, we'll take a look at the latest chatter surrounding the top recruits, getting you ready for the big day. Today, we feature prospects No. 70 to 61 in the Scout 100.

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Greg Bryant

No. 70 -- Greg Bryant, RB

Ranking: (No. 13 overall RB)

Commitment: Notre Dame

The latest: A former Oklahoma commitment, Bryant flipped to Notre Dame in December and has stayed a solid Irish commitment since. He is expected to have the opportunity to play early in South Bend.

In his words: "(It was) just being around the (Notre Dame) coaches and seeing the campus and watching film with the guys and just being around all the commits that came up. And the awards ceremony really locked me in." -- Dec. 11

More coverage: Go inside for a full breakdown of his game and much more.

Alvin Kamara

No. 69 -- Alvin Kamara, RB

Ranking: (No. 12 overall RB)

Commitment: None

Interested in: Alabama, Georgia

The latest: Kamara visited each of his two finalists in the past two weekends. We're still waiting for word on how the Georgia visit went, but we know the Alabama trip went well (see the quote below). The Crimson Tide appear to be the favorite at this point.

In his words: "Reflecting on my visit, Alabama is so high on my list because I can honestly see myself there. I am definitely comfortable with the players and the coaching staff. I could see myself having a role there if I do things right and take advantage of the opportunities presented to me." -- Jan. 20

More coverage: Go inside for a full report on Kamara's visit to Tuscaloosa and much more.

Daeshon Hall

No. 68 -- Daeshon Hall, DE

Ranking: (No. 6 overall DE)

Commitment: Washington (soft verbal)

Interested in: Washington, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, TCU, Washington State

The latest: The former Texas commit flipped to the Huskies in June but has been taking visits since, with no strong indication if he intends to alter his plans.

In his words: "It was tough to de-commit from Texas, but it wasn't anything against them personally. I just wanted to move closer to be with my family. ... I'm a Dawg. This is where I belong and I'm relieved to have this over." -- June 29

More coverage: Go inside for more on Hall's visits and much more.

Grant Hill

No. 67 -- Grant Hill, OG

Ranking: (No. 3 overall OG)

Commitment: Alabama

The latest: Hill has been a Crimson Tide commit since February, and there are no indications the Alabama native is considering a switch.

In his words: "I like how professionally (Alabama handles) everything. They handle everything so well. They have a great program, atmosphere and fans. Everything about the whole program impresses me." -- Feb. 22

More coverage: Go inside to read about his great performance at the Under Armour All-America Game and much more.

Frank Herron

No. 66 -- Frank Herron, DE

Ranking: (No. 5 overall DE)

Commitment: LSU

The latest: Herron committed to LSU in June but has kept others in mind during the process. He visited Ole Miss and Tennessee, among others. For now at least, he appears to be solid to LSU.

In his words: "I feel like I can go in (to LSU) and play early. They told me that they play a lot of defensive linemen and that if I work hard, I can go in and be a part of the eight-man rotation." -- June 1

More coverage: Go inside for a video interview with Herron from the U.S. Army All-American Bowl and much more.

Myles Jack

No. 65 -- Myles Jack, LB

Ranking: (No. 4 overall OLB)

Commitment: UCLA (soft verbal)

Interested in: Washington, Florida State, Utah, Arizona State

The latest: A UCLA commit since June, Jack just visited Westwood again this month and maintains that he is a solid commit to the Bruins, despite late pushes from several other schools.

In his words: "The trip (to UCLA) was really great and all the different aspects of why I chose the school, each day, they really hit on those aspects." -- Jan. 23

More coverage: Go inside for some revealing quotes from Jack on the status of his recruitment.

Holland Fisher

No. 64 -- Holland Fisher, LB

Ranking: (No. 3 overall OLB)

Commitment: Virginia Tech

The latest: Fisher doesn't get too involved with the media, but when we caught up with him at the Under Armour Game, he reaffirmed the solidity of his commitment to the Hokies.

In his words: "When I first committed (to Virginia Tech), I wasn't quite sure, but after getting up there and being around the players, I realized it's a great environment. The coaching staff welcomed me and I really had fun." -- Jan. 3

More coverage: Go inside for the latest update on Fisher's recruitment and much more.

Tahaan Goodman

No. 63 -- Tahaan Goodman, S

Ranking: (No. 7 overall S)

Commitment: UCLA

The latest: Goodman just picked the Bruins on Jan. 23 and has given every indication that it's a solid commitment.

In his words: "Coach (Jim) Mora is a great coach and he's really turning things around there. UCLA is so much tougher than they used to be and this is only the beginning. Once he gets more of his own recruits into the program, I think things will really get rolling." -- Jan. 23

More coverage: Go inside for the full story on Goodman's commitment and much more.

DeVeon Smith

No. 62 -- DeVeon Smith, RB

Ranking: (No. 11 overall RB)

Commitment: Michigan

The latest: Smith was the jewel of Michigan's running back crop until Saturday's announcement that No. 1 overall rusher Derrick Green had committed to be a Wolverine. Still, there have been no indications that he's having second thoughts.

In his words: "I took it all in while I was there (at Michigan), then when I was sleeping on the way home I had a dream that I was playing for them. I knew then for sure. I just woke up and called them to commit." -- March 17

More coverage: Go inside for a full story on Smith's official visit to Michigan and much more.

Isaiah Golden

No. 61 -- Isaiah Golden, DT

Ranking: (No. 9 overall DT)

Commitment: Texas A&M

The latest: Another recruit who's tough to pin down, Golden committed to the Aggies a year ago and hasn't wavered since.

In his words: "When I went to my first game at Kyle Field, it felt special. It felt like home. I knew that's where I wanted to go." -- Jan. 30, 2012

More coverage: Go inside for a video interview with Golden from the U.S. Army All-American Bowl and more.

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