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To conclude our series on Colorado 2013 Signees, chatted with another Texas recruit, Jimmie Gilbert, who is excited about moving to Colorado in less than a week. Go "Inside" this Free Read for all Buff Fans to enjoy.

To conclude our series on Colorado 2013 Signees, chatted with another Texas recruit, Jimmie Gilbert, who is excited about moving to Colorado in less than a week.

The 6'4", outside linebacker/defensive-end who played his high school ball at A&M Consolidated HS in College Station, Texas, had this to say about his expectations of playing in Colorado: "The altitude is going to kill me."

Aside from his comical predictions, Gilbert was very enthusiastic about getting his college career started up in Boulder. His varsity football team made it three rounds deep in the playoffs last fall, but fell in a hard loss that has motivated Gilbert to improving himself as a player within the Buff's program.

One aspect of Gilbert's game that is hard to argue needs much improvement is his versatility as a defensive player. Having played a number of positions in high school, Gilbert said he was open to playing the position that his coaches most needed him.

"I'll do whatever it takes to get on the field and play", said Gilbert.

After talking briefly with Oklahoma and a handful of other Texas schools, Gilbert's play caught the interest of previous CU assistant coach Kanavis McGhee. McGhee was persistent in his contacts with Gilbert.

"[Coach McGhee] made an effort to visit me and my family," said Gilbert, "which really stood out to me. He took the time to get to know me and wanted to create a relationship between me and my family and the football team is an extension of your family."

Having created a strong relationship with Coach McGhee, Gilbert admits he had a few worries when the coaching change were made at Colorado. "I was kind of timid at first", said Gilbert.

However, after meeting with coach Mike MacIntyre and his staff, Gilbert claimed that "he[MacIntyre] wanted to keep that relationship just as strong."

Gilbert also had previous contacts with former A&M Wide-Recievers Coach, Troy Walters--now the current Colorado WR coach--and admitted that having developed a previous relationship with one of the new coaching staff made the change easier to cope with.

The CU fans were also a factor in convincing Gilbert that Colorado was the place for him. On one of his early visits, Gilbert stated that numerous fans would come up to him at the game and tell him how excited they were to have him come to their school. "I could really tell the fans cared about how the players were treated", said Gilbert. Perhaps another extension of the Colorado Buffaloes family.

Gilbert says that he is going to miss home when he moves to Boulder in a week, but is also excited to get out of Texas. His roommate for the upcoming camps will be another Texas player, Jonathan Huckins, who Gilbert admits he is somewhat familiar with.

"He [Huckins] actually beat me out in the shot put tournament", said Gilbert on how his senior Track and Field season ended. Aside from the previous competition though, Gilbert admits that he is excited to room with his fellow Texan. "He seems like a really cool guy," said Gilbert on Huckins, "and it will be nice to have another Texas guy to make the move from Texas easier."

Jimmie Gilbert comes to Colorado as a PrepStar All-Central Region honoree as well as an Associated Press second-team All-State player.

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