Winning is about attitude and confidence

Winning is all about attitudes, confidence and believing in yourself, your team mates and your coaches. New Colorado Head Coach Mike MacIntyre is a proven winner in these areas.

Winning is all about attitudes, confidence and believing in yourself, your team mates and your coaches.

That can be tough when a team is coming off just one win in the previous year.

A new coaching staff has arrived in Boulder with a daunting task of turning around a football program that has had more struggles than they have had success in the past 10 years.

Different coaching staffs have different approaches on how to turn football programs around, how to infuse much needed confidence and how they deal with their players.

Coach Mike MacIntyre and his coaching staff did a tremendous job turning around a San Jose State team that was one of the worst in the country.

Teaching a player and a team how to win can be a difficult task, but not impossible.

One glaring difference from this new staff and the previous staff is their approach to their players.

According to players interviewed so far, the current staff has a more positive approach than a negative one. They also keep things more simple instead of complex, where a player can play and react to the game that they have been playing most of their lives.

When a player doesn't have to over think a situation, you will see a major difference.

During a previous interview with MacIntyre, he voiced the importance of making sure the players realize that their coaches care about them beyond the realm of football.

MacIntyre feels the better the young man, the better football player he will become.

"It's more developing the young man," MacIntyre said. "The more rounded person they become the better football player they will be, I truly believe that. As coaches we have to build a trust with the players, they have to know we care about them as people, not just athletes."

One thing that appears to be different is the energy and positivity surrounding this new coaching staff.

Getting players to believe that they can win is vital.

Getting players to trust in their coaches and teammates is also very vital.

When asked about expectations of this year's football team, MacIntyre and several players appeared to be on the same page.

"We have to approach this season one game at a time," MacIntyre said. "This isn't coach speak, but it's vital that we concentrate on each game as a season in itself. We have to figure out how to win game one, then game two and then game three, if we take that approach we will be a better team."

Early success is also very important in turning around a program.

The more success a team has, the more confident the players become.

That starts with game one against arch-rival Colorado State.

A win against the Rams can propel the Buffs to play a better game against a good Central Arkansas team.

An undefeated Colorado team going into game three with Fresno State will give the Buffs a better chance of success.

While it's uncertain how different this team will be from last years, it does appear certain that this team will play with a higher energy and enthusiasm than they have in the past few seasons.

Another college coach that has had success turning around programs is current Ole Miss Head Coach Hugh Freeze. He turned a 4-8 Arkansas State team into a 10-2 season in just one year. He then was hired at Ole Miss where he took a downtrodden Rebel team that went 3-8 before his arrival into a 7-6 season in year one.

It just so happens that Freeze and MacIntyre are good friends and that they have similar approaches in how they build their teams confidence level.

Will Colorado have success in 2013?

Will they win more games than last season?

If this Buff team believes in themselves and believes in each other, surprising things can happen.

One thing that I think that Buff fans can count on is the fact this team will play hard, with high energy, more confidence, and more enthusiasm.

That's all any coach can ask for.

If those things happen, if Colorado can stay healthy the Buffs may surprise a lot of people including some of their own fans.

That's not uncommon while rebuilding a program, you have to prove to the doubters and to yourself that it can be done.

Only time will tell how good this team will be and how long it takes to get this program back to it's winning tradition.

It appears that MacIntyre is the man for the job, based on his past experiences.

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