Powell to play major role in CU offense

Christian Powell is expected to be a big part of the Buffs new offense, especially playing a major role in helping CU establish a solid running attack. Go "Inside" to see what the talented running back had to say.

As many Buffs fans know, Monday began two-a-days for the football squad as things intensify leading up to the season opener on September 1st against the CSU Rams at Sports Authority Field.

Though only one week into Fall camp, there is still a lot to analyze regarding the almost entirely new coaching staff that Mike MacIntyre has brought from San Jose State, as well as the improvement players have made to eradicate the current reputation of Buffs football. Sophomore tail back Christian Powell sat down with Buffplaybook.com to answer a few questions.

Buffplaybook.com Question: Christian, can you tell us how camp this year has compared to your first camp as a freshman last year, and how Coach MacIntyre has ran camp so far?

Christian Powell Answer: The style has just been very different (compared to former coach Jon Embree's in 2012). Camp is camp, you know it is going to be a grind everyday, we're going at it all the time, but the focus is to just keep going. He (Coach MacIntyre) said start fast and finish strong so that's what we're doing. We started as a team and we're just trying to continue, and not let any light days happen.

BPB: At San Jose State, Coach MacIntyre utilized a couple of different tail backs, and even handed the ball off more than he passed (336 passing attempts, 446 rushing attempts), so we know that he emphasizes a strong running game. Has anyone emerged from the tailback position thus far in camp or shown noticeable gains since last season?

CP: You know, we're just working as a unit right now. As a whole we're getting better, we're out here improving each and every day and working hard, so we will just continue striving forward.

BPB: Do you have a specific goal in mind that you are working towards this season?

CP: Personally, I am just trying to go out there and help out my teammates and get wins basically, just be successful out there on the field and do what I have to do to help my team get wins.

BPB:What would you say the Buffs are trying to achieve in the upcoming season?

CP: You know, just like I said, play as a whole. Play hard each and every play, and to go out there and keep fighting. We just have to do what it takes as a unit and as a team, play for one another and do what we have to do to be successful.

According to the post-spring depth chart, Powell will be the Buffs number one tail back and will have to carry a heavy load along with junior Tony Jones, senior Josh Ford, sophomore Donta Abron, and junior Malcolm Creer.

Though confident in quarterbacks Connor Wood and Stevie Dorman, you can be assured that the Buffs tail backs will be the focal point of the Buffs offensive attack.

Powell had 158 rushing attempts for 691 yards along with seven touchdowns in 2012, and surely he hopes to improve those numbers in his upcoming sophomore season.

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