Grading the Buffs: Offense

On each Monday will review the previous weekend game giving you our Buff Position grades for the week. This week we are a day behind due to Colorado's game against Colorado State being played on Sunday. Go "Inside" and check out this week's offensive grades.

On each Monday will review the previous weekend game giving you our Buff Position grades for the week. This week we are a day behind due to Colorado's game against Colorado State being played on Sunday.

It's always easier to grade a victory than a loss, and this will definitely be the case with this arch rival game against Colorado State.

Colorado dominated CSU 41-27. Take away the two special team plays and the game would have been more like 45-14.

Colorado State was outmanned, out coached, and were out of their league against the PAC 12 Buffs on Sunday.

Let's start with the Buffs on Offense in this two part series.


The Buffs o-line had an answer for almost everything that the Rams threw at them. They did a tremendous job protecting their new leader and signal caller Connor Wood, allowing him plenty time, for the most part, to pick the CSU secondary apart.

This group gave up only one sack on the books (but as Connor Wood said today, he didn't "feel that grounding call should be considered a sack") during the entire game, a big improvement on last year's team. This line also helped produce over 500 yards of total offense.


Note: Grade would have been higher if they had been playing a PAC 12 opponent.


A new and improved Connor Wood showed Buff fans they can relax a little about who is playing quarterback for the University of Colorado. Wood was a man of confidence on Sunday, didn't have that deer in the headlight look he had last fall and it was easy to see he had a better grasp of the offensive system. Wood has said before that this was a much easier offense to understand; it showed on the field Sunday.

Wood was poised under pressure, didn't get rattled, and played Sunday like the four-star athlete was projected to play by the recruiting services coming out of high school football. Wood admitted he was having fun again and the Buff Nation had fun again Sunday as well watching the junior quarterback dismantle the rival Rams.

Wood was 33 for 46 for 400 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. He had two big explosive plays, hooking up with Paul Richardson for 82 and 75 respectively


Note: There is always room for improvement.


Wow is the easiest way to express the excitement that Paul Richardson is back and healthy. The standout junior had 10 catches for 208 yards and touchdowns of 82 yards and 75 yards.

Richardson praised his other receivers for showing vast improvement this season, which helped take some of the pressure off of Richardson. He also stated how proud he was of his quarterback Connor Wood. "He became a full grown man here today."

Nelson Spruce played a big role in the Buffs offense Sunday, catching 8 balls for 99 yards and no touchdowns. His longest catch of the day was 28 yards.

D.D. Goodson also showed some promise on the field, he caught five passes for 44 yards and one impressive touchdown in the endzone.

There were a couple of dropped passes throughout the game, but overall it was a very solid day by this group.


Note: Richardson scored an A+ by himself


This is the one position of offense that could have been thought of as a slight disappointment.

While the team picked up 132 yards in rushing, their leading rusher had only 42 yards on 15 carries (Christian Powell), D.D. Goodson picked up a big chunk of the yardage on one play, 31 yards on a reverse. Tony Jones also added 35 on 13 carries.

No one was near being a 100 yard rusher, but one can say that the running attack opened up the passing game. Not sure how accurate that would be in this case, but over all, this was the only thing on offense that didn't receive a high grade.



It was easy to see that the Colorado coaching staff out coached CSU in dynamic fashion. The job Brian Lindgren has done with the Buffs quarterbacks is simply amazing. Troy Walters has brought a lot to his wide receiving group. Add in your Head Coach Mike MacIntyre and the rest of the offensive coaching staff and this group gets the highest grade of the day.


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