Richardson off to a special start for Buffs

Boulder, Colorado. Paul Richardson is making some statements for his Colorado Buffalo fans. Richardson turned in his second straight 200 yards in receptions on Saturday night against UCA, go "Inside" to see what Richardson had to say.

Boulder, Colorado Paul Richardson is making some statements for his Colorado Buffalo fans.

The main statement he is making is that the talented junior wide out is back to full strength after missing last season due to a knee injury.

Another statement, and case per say, that he is making is that he is going to be one of the top 5 wide receivers in the country, if he ends up not being the very best at position just like his coach did 14 years ago.

Some may think it's way too early to be mentioning Richardson's name with the coveted Fred Biletnikoff Award (given to the best wide receiver in the country), but the talented California athlete is definitely giving voters something to think about early on.

It started last week when Richardson caught 10 passes for 208 yards against his arch rival Colorado State.

He followed that performance Saturday night in his 2013 home debut at Folsom Field with 11 receptions for 209 yards and two scores.

In two games he has scored on several big plays, including a 82 yard reception in the opener and a long 55 yard touchdown Saturday night to legitimize himself as a home run scoring threat whenever he touches the football.

Doing the math, that is 417 yards and four touchdowns for the talented ball catcher who red shirted last season after a torn left ACL he suffered before the season ever got underway.

To say Richardson is a difference maker is a huge understatement.

MacIntyre was asked the question, had he ever had a wide receiver as explosive as Richardson?

"Probably not as explosive as P-Rich," MacIntyre said. "There was one guy at San Jose State that broke everyone of the records before his junior season was over. He's not as explosive. P-Rich is definitely the most explosive I have seen for sure."

MacIntyre was asked about Richardson's performance Saturday night.

"Connor is doing a good job finding him," MacIntyre said. "He's kinda slipperly out there. He gets through and makes plays and catches out there. When we see certain match ups, we are going to go attack it. Our other wide receivers are doing good also, which helps in Paul's game."

When asked about his two 200 yard games of the season, Richardson was his normal, humble self.

"All of that goes to our offensive line and our quarterback," Richardson said. "We are fotunate to notice blown coverages, fortunate for Connor instead of throwing the ball away, or duck his head running, he always looks down field. That's how we are able to be successful."

Richardson's eyes lit up when asked about playing on Folsom Field.

"There is no better feeling than to step out on the field at Folsom," Richardson said. "Literally the crowd had the field shaking. That helps us. We need that home win, especially it being our home opener."

There isn't a doubt in any Buff fan's mind that Richardson is the fastest man on the football field, but apparently that might not be good enough for the talented wide receiver.

"I was so pumped up coming out on the field and hearing the crowd," Richardson said. "I was so hyped up I wanted to race Ralphie. That didn't happened because the smoke scared her."

Perhaps it was the fact that Ralphie didn't want to lose to the speedy Richardson. No one will ever know what was racing through Ralphie's mind coming out on Folsom Field Saturday night.

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