Coordinators talk about UCA win

How good is this Colorado football team going to be this season? New Head Coach Mike MacIntyre has said from day one that he and his coaching staff and team will take one game at a time and treat each game as a new season in itself. The Buffs are off to a 2-0 start, their biggest game of the year so far coming up Saturday against a very good Fresno State team.

How good is this Colorado football team going to be this season?

New Head Coach Mike MacIntyre has said from day one that he and his coaching staff and team will take one game at a time and treat each game as a new season in itself.

Two games down and the Buffs have already doubled their win total of 2012.

This Colorado football team has won the games they should have won. This week's battle with Fresno State will be more of a defining moment on how good this team can be this season.

Last year's Buffs defense was one of the worst in the nation and the offense wasn't much better.

This year's offense is putting up big numbers mainly due to the play of Connor Wood and Paul Richardson. Both are putting up record type numbers, providing this football team with the tools to win.

In the Colorado State press conference prior to the Buffs season opener, Coach Jim McElwain made a comment that the Rams had played San Jose State and had not fared well in that contest.

One of the CSU media made the comment Colorado doesn't have David Fales.

Very true, but the one thing that writer didn't realize is that Wood has the potential to be better than Fales. Wood was a four star-rated quarterback coming out of high school, while Fales was a two star. While we all know rankings aren't everything, in this case it shows that MacIntyre's offense helps quarterbacks thrive.

Add to that equation one of the best wide receivers in the nation in Richardson, and the results can be explosive.

MacIntyre brought in veteran defensive coordinator Kent Baer, a PAC 12 savvy, experienced coach that has helped this Colorado defense play better so far in 2013. caught up with Coach Baer and new Colorado Offensive Coordinator Brian Lindgren Sunday afternoon to get both coaches thoughts a day after the Buffs 38-24 win over a very good FCS University of Central Arkansas team.

When asked about the play of the Buffs defense, Coach Baer was quick to answer.

"We played really, really hard," the veteran coach said. "I was very proud of our players efforts. We made some mistakes. Nothing that we can't fix."

One of the key areas of improvement on this CU defensive unit is the play of the secondary, Baer emphasized that this group has improved and has a new attitude in the way they play.

Coach MacIntyre was the defensive secondary coach for Bill Parcells at the Dallas Cowboys, a fact that doesn't go unnoticed by Baer.

"I really like the way our coaches (Charles Clark safeties and Andy LaRussa) are coaching these guys," Baer said. "Coach MacIntyre is the best secondary coach I have ever been around, you can really tell he loves coaching the secondary and he has really been an influence for our players."

The corners and safeties are playing more aggressive and physical style.

The secondary has turned several turnovers into touchdowns—playing a key role in the Buffs 2-0 record.

Another key improvement is the quarterback play. Wood is playing with a lot more confidence, a command of the offense, and his attitude is something that pleases Lindgren.

"You could see a difference in Connor's confidence the day after Coach MacIntyre announced that he was going to be our starter," Lindgren said. "He listens to everything we tell him, he works extremely hard and it's paying off for him."

When asked Sunday after the Buffs practice about his first impressions of Fresno State, MacIntyre didn't hesitate.

"They are fast. Very, very fast," MacIntyre said."Extremely fast."

MacIntyre was pleased with his player's attitude and effort during Sunday evening's practice.

"We had a really good practice today," MacIntyre said. "We got some things correcte. You can tell the guys are happy with a win, but are far from being content. We have a big game coming up. We have to put Saturday's win behind us and get busy focusing on this weeks big game.

Fresno State will enter Saturday's contest with the Buffs at Folsom Field in Boulder, with a 2-0 start—an offensive showdown, 52-51 with an overtime victory over Rutgers, and a 41-25 win over Cal Poly.

This will be the Bulldogs first road game of the season.

Last year Fresno demolished Colorado 69-14. One thing is for sure though, this isn't the same Colorado football team of last year.

How good is this Colorado Football team?

While that might not be completely determined, the one thing for sure is that this Colorado Football team will go into Saturday's game as a new season, a new year, and hopefully very different results.

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