Buffs wrapping up week of work

Colorado finished up its fourth straight practice here Thursday morning, with some of the Buffs coaching staff already on the road recruiting. Go "Inside" as MacIntyre talks about recruiting, one new injury and much more after four straight days of practice.

Colorado finished up its fourth straight practice here Thursday morning, with some of the Buffs coaching staff already on the road recruiting.

According to Coach Mike MacIntyre, he and his coaching staff are taking advantage of the off week, with five coaches going out on the road this morning and three leaving today, leaving two coaches to conduct Friday's practice.

MacIntyre will also be out on the road watching some games this weekend.

"Five of our coaches left last night," MacIntyre said. "Some more will leave this afternoon and we will have all 10 out this weekend."

MacIntyre said in an earlier interview this week it was very important for his coaches to get out this week, especially if the Buffs end up playing in their second open date on October 19th.

"It's great for us to get out and see some games, visit some high schools and get in front of some high school coaches," MacIntyre said. "It's great to get the Colorado logo out there and let the coaches and players know that we care and that we are going to recruit their schools."

MacIntyre was pleased with this morning's practice, which seen the Buffs in shorts and shoulder pads.

"I thought we got after it, we were very active," MacIntyre said. "Some of our coaches are on the road, thought our senior leadership did a good job keeping us focused."


"No update that I have heard today," MacIntyre said. "I know they are working on it, hopefully we will know something, maybe something any minute."


Addison Gillam is leading the PAC 12 in total tackles, MacIntyre was asked what he could do to improve on as he he progresses in his career. "He needs to get a little bit better on run/pass recognition, play action pass that type of thing. He will get that playing, that's a feel type situation, he is doing a good job and expect him to continue to keep getting better. He is extremely bright, helped him by him being here this spring."


True freshman Timothy Coleman, who has been dealing with a knee injury, is awaiting test results to see if he is going to need surgery on his achilles. "He has been practicing, he hurt his achilles yesterday. We are finding out if he has to have is achilles operated on, it's a shame, he got his knee well and now this issue with his achilles on his other leg."


Coach Brian Lindgren talked about this weeks practice.

"One thing that we really focused on this week that we are working on getting better at is running the football," Lindgren said. "We didn't feel like that we did a very good job in the first two ballgames. That's something we have to do to take pressure off of our quarterback. Be more balanced, working on being more physical up front, looking and evaluating our schemes. We have to call certain players that fit our running backs certain strengths, I think things will start popping for us."

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