Liufau shows a lot of maturity for freshman

Each week Colorado holds a weekly press conference, Coach Mike MacIntyre and a couple of the Buff Players spoke to the media about last weeks performance and this weeks challenge against a good UCLA team. According to MacIntyre the Buffs returned to the practice field with a good attitude and turned in a good effort.

True freshman quarterback Sefo Liufau is man a lot maturer than his age shows.

During Tuesday's weekly press conference the talented but young quarterback stepped up to the podium and took a lot of the responsibility for his team's loss to Arizona this past Saturday night.

"The Bottom line is I need to make more plays," Liufau said. "I missed a couple of throws and a key read which could have easily turned into two touchdowns and could propel the team and turn the tide of the game."

According to Liufau he is gaining more confidence each game, with Saturday's game against the Wildcats being his first PAC 12 start.

"I'm harder o myself than I was in high school," talking about the differences he sees in playing college football. "I demand more perfection of myself, while you won't achieve perfection, it's something that is important to me. I have a lot more confidence, making plays and making throws than did the first of the season."

Liufau feels that he and his teammates are working hard at each practice and feels that the team has to be more consistent during games, starting with himself.

"I think in the first half we played really well," Liufau said. "It's frustrating I guess to say because we know what we are capable of. We are missing a play here and a play there and the consistency isn't there. "I go back and put that on myself, I have to make plays and put my guys in the right spots."

Liufau described a couple of mistakes he made Saturday night.

"I overthrew D.D. Goodson a yard or two that should have been a score," Liufau admitted. "I missed a read to Kennan Canty that should have been a touchdown, but instead it was a pick. A lot of those mistakes a lot of people don't see it during a game, we do as players and coaches do, we strive to correct them and be better."


According to Mike MacIntyre after Saturday's loss to Arizona the game took it's toll on him to a point.

"Walking in our locker room, knowing how hard these players played, knowing they played their hearts out, knowing how hard these coaches have worked, it was tough," MacIntyre said. "Parker Orms had 13 tackles, there was two he missed that cost us over 100 yards, but to see the tears in his eyes and the eyes of others got to me."

MacIntyre realized there was more to life than a football game.

"Still upset after the game I walked outside and saw someone wearing a pink shirt and I thought about a friend that has recently lost someone to cancer. Some of our players are dealing with stuff in their families, some of our staff are dealing with things, it really puts things in perspective. We want to win football games, there is no doubt about it, but people are going through a lot tougher times than I am, I realized that after the game."


"UCLA is a good football team," Bell said. "They have a great quarterback so we have to find ways to stop him and be fundamentally sound against him."

We get frustrated after the game, got to move on and move forward and we have to focus on this weeks game so we don't let something like that to happen again.

We are keeping our heads up and our spirits are high.

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