Freshman QB has earned respect and trust

When Buff Quarterback Sefo Liufau received a late hit in the second half of play here Saturday night, you could see the fight in his eyes as he tried to get up the UCLA defender standing over him. Five sprinting lineman came to the aid of their quarterback, the young signal caller has definitely earned their respect.

If anyone doubted that true freshman quarterback Sefo Liufau has earned the respect of his team, especially his offensive line, need only one scene in Saturday's football game against UCLA.

The young signal caller was hit late, while he was trying to get up the UCLA player was standing over him and tried to push Liufau back down to the ground.

You could see the competitive fight in the eyes of the young quarterback, but it was when all five of his offensive linemen sprinted to his aid almost causing a major scuffle in the second half of the game.

Liufau, who is starting in his third straight game and only his second PAC 12 game, showed a lot of poise against UCLA.

It's definitely evident that they young gunslinger is the future for the Buffs for years to come.

Liufau even received praised from Coach MacIntyre after the game.

"I did see a lot of improvement out there," MacIntyre said. Especially in our quarterback. The way he competes and the way he keeps fighting are giving our whole team a lot of hope."

Liufau finished the game completing 25 passes on 36 attempts 247 yards and one touchdown.


Buffs running back Christian Powell showed a lot of physical toughness, making extra yards after contact here Saturday evening gaining 97 yards on 22 carries. On several occasions he dragged opponents for extra yardage.


While he may not have been 100 percent for the game, his 80 percent probably is a lot better than most people's 100 percent.

The talented wideout made seven catches for 70 yards and one touchdown.


Everyone realized that Colorado has been letting a true freshman Ryan Severson return kicks. In the last few games, the speedy newcomer has almost broke several kickoffs and list at No. 2 in the PAC in kickoff yardage. Today his fumble on the 15 yard line gave the Bruins a quick and easy score.

MacIntyre wasn't happy about the turnover on the kickoff.

"That hurt," MacIntyre said. "You can't be perfect, but we have to be close to perfect right now. We didn't do a good enough job of blocking them on returns. Severson was getting pelted pretty good back there. But he has to hold on to the football there and he's been doing a good job of returning kicks. However the guy put his helmet on the ball and made a good play on that one."


"I saw great fight and great effort. I thought our coaching staff had the players very well prepared. We played a really good football team tonight and I hope that one day people are saying that about us. I did see a lot of improvement out there, especially in our quarterback."

"The Players and coaches in that locker room are really down right now, but they have a fight and resilience to them and they will bounce back."

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