Buffs better than last two years

How much better is this Colorado Football than they were last year? This Buff team has won the same amount of games this season than Mike MacIntyre's predecessor did in two seasons. Go "Inside" to get our thoughts on the Buffs improvement so far on the field and in recruiting.

How much better is this Colorado Football than they were last year?

This Buff team has won the same amount of games this season than Mike MacIntyre's predecessor did in two seasons.

Yes I realize there several shouting from the roof tops that two of this year's wins have come from FCS opponents, last season CU played Sac State and were beaten in their FCS matchup. The Buffs two FCS opponents are much better teams than last year's FCS game.

Colorado blew out arch rival Colorado State 41-27 in the season opener this year, something that last year's team was incapable of doing. The Rams have become bowl eligible with 6 wins.

The Buffs one Pac 12 victory last season was a come from behind 1 point win at Washington State, not a blowout win over Cal like this past weekend.

It' doesn't take a genius to figure out 4 wins are better than one, it's also evident to the the media that is actually allowed to attend football practices at Colorado to also realize this is a different coached team.

One example was practice last night in the bubble on the Boulder Campus. Coaches are teaching, they are using positive reinforcement to build up their players. It appears that wasn't the case here the last two years.

MacIntyre has Head Football coaching experience in rebuilding struggling programs. He and most of his staff were at San Jose State for three years coaching the Spartans. SJSU won 1 ballgame in MacIntyre's first year, won five the second year and 11 the third year.

When asked how do you accomplish that type of rebuild, he had several answers.

"You have to keep staying positive with them," MacIntyre. "No one feels any worse than they do about not winning."

"You have to keep fighting, even though we might be outmatched at times this seasons but we can't stop swimming, if you stop swimming, you either float or you drown."

"You have to keep letting the players know that you and your staff care about them as young men and not just football players. It's about getting the right players that fit our system no matter how high they are ranked."

MacIntyre and his coaching staff believes in their recruiting strategies, as well as their abilities to evaluate talent. For those of you that don't think he can identify talent better than a lot of coaches, you don't have to look no further than to true freshman Addison Gillam, Michael Adkins or Awuzie Chidobe. All three are starting and playing major roles for the Buffs this season. Not to mention the fact that CU's starting quarterback Sefo Liufau is also a true freshman.

There are some people in Buff Nation that are questioning this coaching staff's ability to recruit.

Every high school coach I have spoken to this fall has a different opinion of this coaching staff and their ability to recruit.

"We have seen more Colorado coaches in our schools than ever before," One veteran HS Coach told us earlier this year. "These coaches are genuine, carrying and very personable with our prospects. Mike MacIntyre is a man of high character and someone I will send my kids to go play for, no questions asked."

MacIntyre and his coaching staff currently have 14 commitments as of Monday morning, out of those 14, 10 are rated a 3 star by Scout.com.

In Jon Embree's first year full class he only had nine three stars, two of which are no longer at Colorado. He also had one four star, that prospect left Boulder after just one season here. His 2011 Class ended up 62 in the country, but would be much lower without the four star and two three stars.

Currently MacIntyre's recruiting class is ranked No. 64 with a lot more prospects and scholarships to be given out.

A coach isn't only charged with recruiting top prospects but they are also responsible of developing the talent once they get it on the field, I believe that this has already been proven on how many true freshmen starting for the Buffs this season.

There are those type people out in the world that say the glass is half empty while others say it's half full.

You can find positives and negatives in almost everything you look for, I just wanted Buff Nation to look the situation, comparing apples vs. apples, in which I hope this story did.

There no doubt in my mind that this is a much better Colorado team, and bright things are ahead for MacIntyre during his tenure as the Head Buff.

As several prospects have said in the last few weeks, there is no doubt that this Buff Football Program is headed in the right direction with MacIntyre and staff.

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