MacIntyre wants team to fight to the end

Mike MacIntyre is looking for his Buffs to finish this season off strong, the best way to do that is to turn in their best effort at Utah on Saturday. Go "Inside" to see what MacIntyre had to say at his weekly press conference.

It's about finishing something that this Colorado Football team has started.

Mike MacIntyre knew he was inheriting a mess of a situation, a team coming off just one win and it was definitely going to be a rebuilding process.

It's something he has done before, and it appears he is headed back in that direction with the Buffs holding four wins this season with the chance to end it this weekend in Utah with a very important fifth win.

MacIntyre met with the media Tuesday for his weekly press conference, he admitted that his team didn't have the intensity in practice today that he would have liked.

"I saw us preparing and I saw us in practice today," MacIntyre said. "For a little bit there, kind of have the Thanksgiving lulls. We restarted a period and they cranked back up into it and left off to where we have been before. I thought that was good for them to restart but, I did think they hit a lull there for a minute."

While not making excuses, but realizes playing such a physical game as the Buffs did against USC this past Saturday will have affects on teams towards the end of the season.

"I do expect the tempo at practice to pick up from now on," MacIntyre said. "There's nobody around. Everything's going on here when we go to practice. I did see them concentrate, but I just didn't see the effort as much as I would like to."

MacIntyre does feel that the Pac 12 has established the Colorado vs Utah game as a yearly rivalry.

"Yes, last game of the year and the Pac 12 made it a rival," MacIntyre said. "We're close by. I do see them as a rival. When you play a Thanksgiving game like that, there's a lot of significance involved in it."

MacIntyre hopes that future games with Utah will have more meaning.

"Hopefully both of us will be playing for something more next year," MacIntyre said. "That will make even more of a rival. It's the last game for both teams so, it's kind of one of those games where there are seniors in that locker room that will never play football again. So that's an emotional time for those young men. So it'll be fun for both sides."

The end of the season and a physical game against USC has taken it's toll from an injury standpoint. MacIntyre announced Tuesday that Woodson Greer will most likely won't play Saturday.

"Right now we probably won't have Woodson Greer," MacIntyre said. "He won't be back from the shoulder issues he's had for a while. Everybody else is still in a stage where we're at them to see if they will be back or not." MacIntyre's hopes that the Buffs will rebound with great effort the next two practices.

"We had a lot more people beat up coming out of this game than we have any game we've played all year," MacIntyre said. "So, that has a little bit to do with it, but they can't worry about being sore. They've got to push through it. So they ended up doing that, they really did. The last half of practice was really good."

Now the Buffs have to carry the second half of today's practice into Wednesday's practice and practice on Thanksgiving morning before the coaches releases the team for the holidays.

Those athletes that live close by will go home to be with their families, those who are too far from home will go to coaches homes to have Thanksgiving with their families.