MacIntyre and Buffs to stay the course

Staying the course, to follow through with a detailed plan on how to rebuild a program, no matter what the instant results are is something that Mike MacIntyre has experience with. As an assistant coach at Duke, to the head coach at San Jose State. MacIntyre met with the local media today as the last press conference of the regular season.

Mike MacIntyre believes in staying the course.

He has experience doing that, his first season at San Jose State the Spartans won just one game.

Also MacIntyre gave praise to one of his mentor's and friends in Duke's David Cutcliffe.

Cutcliffe taught MacIntyre on how to stay the course, and how to build a win despite how far a program had fallen.

"David Cutcliffe should be the National Coach of the Year," MacIntyre said Saturday after the Buffs game with Utah. "The first year he went 4-8, then 5-7, and 3-9 and 3-9. Duke could have given up on him, but they stayed the course, now they are playing for the ACC Championship with a 10-2 record. I learned a lot from him."

MacIntyre after going 1-12 at San Jose State, went 5-7 and then 10-2 before being hired as the next Head Football Coach of the University of Colorado last December.

MacIntyre faced the Colorado media on Monday following a 4-8 year during his first year as head coach for the Buffs, he promised that he plans on continuing to build this program in his words to repeat history, the winning history that Colorado fans were use to in the 1990's.

When asked if he planned on making any staff changes following this season, he was quick to respond.

"No, not at all."

Leading off today's press conference Buff Nation received word that MacIntyre's offense would be suffering an early loss, with junior wide out Paul Richardson leaving early for the NFL. He showed appreciation for what the talented First team Pac 12 performer helped teach the Buff's current wide receiving corp.

"I'm excited for Paul, I really am," MacIntyre said. "I'm sad for us at the same time. But knowing at this time is good. (Because it's) right during recruiting and (as we are) moving on in the future. Now we can keep going forward. I appreciate that he has left a great legacy for us and a great work ethic for the receiving corps and showed a lot of leadership qualities for a young man who was getting a lot of recognition. But he came to work every day and he showed the younger guys on this team how to work. That's very important for our future."

MacIntyre didn't only learn from Cutcliffe, he learned from one of the best in the NFL in Bill Parcells.

"Bill used to always say and I agree with him," You are what you are." "And we were 4-8. I do think though we truly improved. That's not just a thing that I say, I see it all the time in everything that we're doing from on the field, to off the field, to the weight room, to meetings, to how our kids treat each other, to how they handle the locker room."

MacIntyre feels that he and his staff have to continue to recruit, to continue to find the right fits to the Buffs programs, guys like Michael Adkins, Addison Gillam, and Chidobe Awuzie, all true freshmen that made this team better this season.

"It will take hard work, we realized that coming in," MacIntyre said. "I truly believe in this team, I believe this is a great place to be the head coach at and I truly believe that we will get this program turned around. It may take time, but we will do it the right way and part of that is just working extremely hard during the off-season and starting back over from scratch in the spring. To start teaching these young men the fundamentals again and to continue to get better. We have to get bigger, faster and stronger, we need to be stronger in our lower bodies."

MacIntyre was asked Saturday about did Duke have speed when Cuttcliffe first got to Duke.

"They do now," MacIntyre said. "They didn't when we first got there. It takes time to get the right kids in your program, we are very confident on how we do that. When we are watching recruiting tape, we don't talk about stars, we look at the player and decide whether he can play for us or not, that's the first step. The star stuff usually works itself out."

MacIntyre will stay the course, he referenced today that new plans were on the way to build new athletic facilities, something that will help turn the tide in this Colorado program.

"I have complete trust in Rick George and our administration that they are going to get those things done," MacIntyre said. "I'm very happy about being the head coach at the University of Colorado, we will get it turned around, we have a plan and we will follow through with it."

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