Scrimmage Leaves Barnett Frustrated

A scrimmage to evaluate your football team and answer some questions lingering from last season should be a simple thing to accomplish. But unfortunately with so many Buffs nursing injuries and seeing limited playing time, it was hard to evaluate anything.

When asked how the defense looked both head coach Gary Barnett and co-defensive coordinator Tom McMahon couldn't really answer.

"We're trying to get some guys used to staring at each other in the huddle. That became a problem with the nagging injuries during two-a-days," said McMahon.

The players might need to wear nametags in the huddle when CU opens up in less than a week against Fresno State. Here is the current M.A.S.H. report:

  • DT Justin Bannan played only one series before he left with continuing pain in his Achilles tendon.
  • DBs Donald Strickland (groin) and Joe Swift (hamstring) joined the list of hurting defenseman that includes Lovell Houston, Matt McChesney and Terrance Wood.
With so many players sitting it out, the first team offense or defense knocked heads for only about 35 plays. Not the ideal situation for assessing a defense that was ranked 98th in the country last year.

There were some highlights from those few players who did play. Defensive end Tyler Brayton sacked the QB three times, and OLB Kori Mossoni added two more. LB Aaron Killion looked like he was ready for the season with six tackles and a huge hit on RB Chris Brown in a goal line situation that still might be echoing through the Flatirons.

Maybe it's a good thing that the Buffs have co-defensive coordinators, because they are going to have their hands full this week figuring out who can and will play on Sunday night.

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