Bill McCartney Calls For End To Barnett Bashing

For seven years, former University of Colorado football coach Bill McCartney only responded to questions about the CU football team. Amazing what a controversy will do.

McCartney took the initiative today and sent out e-mail to David Plati of the University of Colorado Media Relations department. He asked that his statement be sent out to the Denver Media.

In his statement, he questions the intentions of columns written by Woody Paige and Mark Kisla of the Denver Post, as well as defends Gary Barnett's character and coaching ability.

Here is the statement from the office of Bill McCartney of Promise Keepers:

Following is a written statement "Coach Mac" wishes to release to all Denver/Boulder sports media:

First Corinthian, Chapter 10, verse 24 "Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others."

Are the pens of Paige and Kisla poisoned... or prophetically kind? These scribes are scribbling strong words.

Perhaps they seek the best for all. I do too, and I see it differently. This blame thing. Gary Barnett genuinely cares for his players. He demonstrates this day after day - year after year. He is legitimate. Therefore he is free to capsule the game by stating the facts. Back off the blame thing!

Calling for his job if CSU wins. That's cruel! It's August of year three. You just insulted the nation's 24th ranked team and diminished the Big 12 schedule.

One opinion. I believe Gary Barnett is the right man for C.U. He loves the university. Get behind him and he will produce outstanding teams comprised of young men who will bring great honor to C.U. on and off the gridiron.

You have the right man. Let him coach without badgering and accusing him.

Bill McCartney

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