Rumors of Marcus Houston Injury True

There were so many members of the Colorado media out in Boulder on Wednesday, you'd thick Tom and Nicole made an appearance at the Buffs practice...

But unfortunately, they were there to cover the never ending Marcus Houston vs. Gary Barnett, injury vs. no injury story that occupied Denver radio stations all day.

Rumors swirled for days that the coaching staff kept Houston out of the game against Fresno State to "teach him a lesson" and make sure he understood he had to practice to play. All the while coach Barnett insisted that Marcus was not healthy enough to play.

Some of the rumors were put to bed when an MRI confirmed Houston has a partial adductor muscle tear in his upper thigh area. The adductor muscle is a muscle that pulls the knee to the body.

CU team doctor Robert Loeffler said that he will continue to rehab through stretching and strengthen exercises but could not put a timetable on his return.

That ended speculation that Houston was not injured and could have played Sunday against Fresno State. It didn't answer the questions about the rift between Houston and the CU coaching staff.

Houston met with Coach Barnett for over two hours to discuss concerns that the star running back was dealing with. While Houston would not comment on specifics, he did say that he and Barnett had positive dialog and their relationship is moving in a healthy direction.

The issues were so big that Houston's parents made a trip to Boulder to talk with Barnett as well.

After practice, Houston answered many questions from the media. When asked if the situation had been blown out of proportion, he said, " there were some things that were said by individuals involved with the CU athletic program, that I don't respect personally, nor do I appreciate or do I believe should be tolerated".

Rumors continue to circulate in regards to personal issues between Houston, CU's running back Coach Eric Bieniemy and the CU coaching staff.

Meanwhile, the Buffs are preparing for a make or break game against in-state rival Colorado State.

The controversy surrounding this team will either bring them together or tear them apart. All questions will be answered Saturday at the new Mile High when the Buffs and rams face-off.

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