One-on-one with MacIntyre: Part I sat down with Colorado head football coach Mike MacIntyre for a one-on-one interview. In Part One, he talks about quarterback Sefo Liufau and the offensive line.

With more than 40 scholarshiped upperclassmen on the roster, is this by far the best team you've had here at Colorado? Or is that yet to be determined?

Mike MacIntyre: "It should be our best team. We have the most experience, we have guys that have matured. We have back-ups that have played a lot so I feel very good about the team. Hopefully Sefo [Liufau] is completely ready to roll. He is way ahead of schedule so we hope he is. I think that is a big key in the whole thing for us."

I was going to ask you about Sefo Liufau's health. Can you give us more of an update?

"He is ahead of schedule, he is doing good. It still gets a little sore on him right now so he is not able to do everything every day. But he is way ahead of schedule. It looks good so I just keep hoping and praying that it is all going to work out for him."

Liufau has obviously started a lot of games here so you kind of know what he brings to the table. Does that mean you can be cautious with him during camp? What is your plan with him during camp?

"If it is sore, you have to shut it down for a little bit but hopefully he is able to do most everything during camp and be ready to go. He has lost some weight, looks good. He has kept working hard. He hasn't let this get him down. I think it has just motivated him even more."

Where does Liufau rank among the toughest players you've coached?

"Oh wow. At quarterback, he is the toughest quarterback I've ever coached. Mentally, physically and everything. And our team is catching up with him, too, so I am excited about that. Hopefully this is going to be just an awesome senior year for him."

A couple years ago Liufau broke a bunch of school passing records and then last year he really became a valuable running option for you. Is the goal for him to combine his playmaking ability as a passer from two years ago with what he did on the ground last fall?

"That would be the ideal scenario but his shoulder was hurt five games last year. That is why his passing numbers weren't as good. It started getting well and then he got hurt again. So if his foot is completely well, I think you have a guy that can run and throw it and run the offense and lead the team and handle all the pressure situations. I feel like he is a hardened vet."

Did you get all of your freshmen on campus last week?

"We have got a couple more coming in the first of July, but 95 percent of them are already here."

You don't anticipate any academic causalities from your 2016 signees, though?


The freshmen have only been on campus for a week, and I'm guessing the last thing you want to do is blow up any of their egos, but prized Junior College signee Juwann Winfree has been on campus a little bit longer than those freshmen. What are your early impressions of him?

"Yeah, he got here on May 31st when we started the first day of summer classes. He has been doing well in the workouts. We can't see him doing any catching with the rules the way they are, but he looks good moving around and looks good in the weight room. We'll find out when August hits."

There are some outside concerns about the offensive line following last season. Is that a group that needs to step up in order for you to reach your goals this season?

"Yeah, definitely a group that needs to step up. We just had so many injuries last year, it was musical chairs there. The year before we gave up the least amount of sacks in the Pac-12 and didn't have anybody getting hurt really aside from bumps and bruises. So staying healthy is key. The good thing is a lot of guys played last season, kind of got baptized by fire, so those guys are back in there and will be more prepared to play. I feel good about the offensive line."

After the spring game, I saw left tackle Jeromy Irwin lifting fans up on his shoulders for pictures. I'd imagine his knee has recovered well?

"Yeah, he looks great in the weight room and all the agility workouts we're doing. He is ready to go. He is over 300 pounds now and carrying the weight well. It was a blessing in disguise for his body to catch up but it wasn't good for us during the season last year."

Offensive tackle Isaac Miller got hurt in the spring game but it sounded like it was a minor knee injury?

"Isaac is doing good. He will be ready to go full speed in August. He is up almost to full speed right now so he is right on track. He has gained some weight, too."

In Part II, MacIntyre will talk about the collaboration between his co-offensive coordinators, and he also updates the status of nose tackle Josh Tupou and defensive lineman Samson Kafovalu.

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