One-on-one with MacIntyre: Part II

In Part Two of our sit down interview with Mike MacIntyre, the Buffaloes' head football coach talked about Tim Lynott's expected role, Josh Tupou's return to the team after a one-year suspension, and he commented on Samson Kafovalu's status.

Tim Lynott's name came up a lot in the spring from the coaches when they were asked about players that had shown a lot of improvement. Although he practiced some at offensive center this spring, it looks like you feel most comfortable with him getting his feet wet at guard?

Mike MacIntyre: Yeah, Timmy is a really good player. I expect him to play a lot here. He had always played guard in the past but he can definitely play center, also. The center position is a little bit tougher when you have to snap it, do a little bit more directing. When you are first out there playing it is pretty hard to do and play as confident as you'd like. The easier transition would definitely be at guard.”

You have mentioned multiple times that Brian Lindgren will call the plays this fall, but how do you see the collaboration working between Lindgren and Darrin Chiaverini, the co-offensive coordinators?

I feel the collaboration has been going really well. They have done a really good job together. They both kind of feed off each other. It has been good in the [offensive meeting] room. I have been in there a ton. I think it'll go really smooth.”

It sounds like nose tackle Josh Tupou stayed relatively active during his sabbatical but I would imagine there is still some rust he has to work off after being away from your program for a year?

Yeah, there is still some rust and he'll work that off in camp and be ready to go when we line up the first game. We'll go one day at a time but he has been here working hard, running, and getting himself gradually back in football shape.”

You talked about Tupou being a potential NFL player during your post-spring Pac-12 teleconference. Do you notice anything different about him today than back when he was in your program before?

We'll see when we get back out on the field. That is the only way I can tell. But his attitude has been great, his work ethic has been good, he is showing up to everything just like he should. He is doing well in school, also. So I think that he has kind of a new lease on life, so to speak. He is excited about being here. He just has to keep working to get in football playing shape.”

Is Samson Kafovalu's status still up in the air? (The senior defensive lineman has been suspended from the team since the spring)

Yes, Samson's situation has yet to be determined but he has been doing all the things we asked him to do, that were required of him. Hopefully he'll finish all that like he should.”

You also have Evan White working his way to get back on the team. You've given a handful of players a second-chance during your time here at CU. Could you detail your philosophy on that?

These are just like my children and when you have your own children, you try to raise them and you try to work with them. And [sometimes] they break your heart, right? You don't just throw them to the side of the curb. You want to help them grow. But there are some decisions some of them make that you have no choice in making a hard decision. And there have been some guys I have had to dismiss from the team, dismiss from school, other situations that I cannot deal with. But when there is a situation where everybody - from the school to our administration to me as a football coach and our staff and the team – wants to work with [them] and feels like they have a good heart and they want to get better, you stand beside those guys and keep working. Every scenario is different. Some are no-brainers as definite things you have to do. But I look at it as raising my own kids. You still love them, you still care for them and if you can help them through some situations and they can grow up and be better people, you want to do that. But there are some decisions they make that you have no choice but have to dismiss guys completely.”

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