Chance Lytle set to grayshirt

When Chance Lytle signed with Colorado in February, he did not plan to grayshirt. However, the offensive lineman from San Antonio warmed up to the idea.

Most grayshirts spend that fall semester back in their hometown, but Chance Lytle actually plans to enroll at Colorado in mid-August. He will just take less than a full course load, nine credit hours, in order to keep his eligibility clock from starting.

I decided I am going to get my initiation into the college experience. Although I will not be fully involved in football, I feel like this will make it an easier transition,” said Lytle. “I am allowed to work with the physical therapy staff and the trainers but I am not allowed to workout in the team facilities. I can get a workout from the coaches and do it in the rec center, though.”

An all-district honoree as both a junior and senior at Churchill High School in San Antonio, Lytle was also an academic all-district selection both years. He plans to pursue a degree in Music at Colorado.

Initially grayshirting wasn't the plan. Any high school recruit coming out wants to start their very first game but as I learned more about grayshirting, the more I realized it was a good idea,” he said. “When it comes to prepping for college football, the more time the better. It gives me some time to mature because I will be going against guys that are 22-23 years old. I think it is a good thing.”

Lytle already stands 6-foot-7, 297-pounds, so he does not necessarily need to pack on a lot of weight while grayshirting. He still has some goals for the fall.

Truly my main focus is to get stronger,” Lytle said. “I am hoping that I can put myself in a position to be ready as a player, rather than being a raw recruit coming in. I am planning to get stronger, prep and see what college life holds so I can be ready when spring football begins. Hopefully I can be a good, strong left tackle for Colorado in the future. I just want to help the team.”

Lytle only gave up one sack during his final prep campaign. He was closely evaluated by Texas during the recruiting process, and he also had an offer from Rice. Lytle attended two of Colorado's camps last summer before receiving an offer from the Buffs.

Colorado saw me as more of a modern tackle,” he said. “Offensive linemen used to be these massive bodies and we're still expected to be big and strong but there is more of an emphasis on being athletic nowadays. I think the athletic aspect along with size is what I bring to the table.

Hunter Vaughn, who is another one of Colorado's incoming offensive linemen, is a friend of mine and he has a similar body type. So it looks like they are looking for more athletic, quicker guys that are also strong and able to compete on the offensive line. I am hoping that I can bring that at a high level.”

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