Q&A with commitment No. 15, Shamar Hamilton

As BuffStampede.com first reported on Sunday, ASA College defensive end Shamar Hamilton is commitment No. 15 for Colorado from the Class of 2017. While he was waiting to board his flight back home at Denver International Airport, Hamilton talked in-depth about his time in Boulder and his decision to be a Buff.

How did your trip out to Colorado go?

Shamar Hamilton: “It was wonderful. It was a really new experience for me. It was actually the first time I ever went on a recruiting trip in my whole life. I never got recruited out of high school so it was unbelievable going to a different state and experiencing all the love they showed me. The people, the environment, I like how different it is than the environment I am in currently. I have been in Florida for so long, so just being in a different state and seeing something new was great. It is a really calm environment and the people in Colorado are great.”

Could you talk about your decision to commit to Colorado? What was the reaction of the Buffaloes' staff when you told them you plan to transfer there?

I think the way the visit was going they could kind of tell I was going to commit so it wasn't too much of a surprise. The coaches showed me mad love and I loved being here so I decided there was no point in waiting and looking around, even if I did get more [offers].”

What does it feel like to know where you are going to transfer to in January?

It is kind of a surreal feeling. I am a really focused guy, though. I guess you could say if I was three layers of focused before, it just added three more layers. I still have six months before I am even over there but in my head, I am already a Colorado Buffalo. Now that I have come out here, seen the players, seen the weight room, see how they eat, I am ready.”

What did you measure in at height and weight wise on your official visit to Colorado?

Height and weight? Coming or leaving? Coming in I was 6-foot-3, 236-pounds. The food, there was so much food. We went to The Buff, Pasta Jay's, The Sink. I don't know what I weigh now. (laughing)”

Did the Buffaloes' coaches talk to you about how they see you fitting into the defense?

They see me being someone that can help them as a pass rusher in their 3-4 scheme.”

Who was your player host for the weekend?

[Senior] Jordan [Carrell]. He is No. 92 on the defensive line.”

How did Colorado find out about you in the first place?

I used to play tight end when I first came to ASA [College] and the tight ends coach is really good friends with Coach [Joe] Tumpkin, the safeties coach at Colorado. So that is how they first found out about me.”

You mentioned that you were under-the-radar before. Was that because you were out of position?

I don't know. I played defensive tackle in high school so maybe that was it. I was first-team all-conference but I only played one year so I guess I just wasn't good enough yet.”

It seems like you have started to blossom at ASA College.. what do you attribute that to? You're work ethic?

That is one important piece of the puzzle. But I think everything that plays in college has a work ethic so I don't want to look down on anybody I play against. I give the credit to my coaches at ASA [College]. They made sure I stayed on track. I have had a lot of late night phone calls with my coaches.”

Hamilton will play as a true sophomore at ASA College this fall before transferring to Colorado in January with three to play two.

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