Coach's Take: Hamilton can get after the QB caught up with ASA College-Miami head coach Chris Boden to get more insight into Shamar Hamilton, one of Colorado's recent commitments.

What kind of player is Shamar Hamilton

Chris Boden: “Really good player, good kid. He does a great job pass rushing. He’s a strong kid, he’s putting on a lot of good muscle. Hard worker, definitely a BCS defensive end.”

Is Hamilton raw at football? 

“He’s pretty raw. He’s still developing and growing into his body to be honest. He’s done a really good job in the weight room through the spring and summer. We’re expecting big things out of him. I took over as the head coach at the start of April. When I got here he was already here. I was the coach at ASA college up in New York, so we actually had to play against him in the first game of the year. He gave us problems on the offensive side, watching him get after our quarterback. Still waiting to see him in pads and that sort of thing, by the time I took over it was after spring ball.”

Will Hamilton need a redshirt season at the Pac-12 level? 

“I think he should be able to step on the field and contribute right away. To have a defensive lineman who can get after the quarterback is obviously extremely valuable in how football is today, how pass friendly it is. To have guys who can be athletic, long kids who can get after the quarterback, run, pursue. I think there’s no doubt he can come in and pursue.”

Why doesn't Hamilton have more power five offers?  

“I think it was lack of exposure to be honest. I don’t want to talk about the staff before me or anything, but I think at the junior college level kids develop at different times. Usually the kids that have a lot of exposure coming to the junior college level are high recruited kids from high school who people know who they are. Those are not always the best players. Some kids just develop at later parts in their life. Meeting him, watching his work ethic, watching him on film and obviously playing against him, I think he has a chance to be special and Colorado is doing the right thing jumping on him very early.”

What other D-1 schools have looked at Hamilton?  

“At this point I know some of the schools up in the Northeast, UMass, UConn have looked at him and like him a lot. With Colorado involved I think it’s scared off some of the lower level D-1 schools.”

Any truth to the 4.7 40-yard dash? 

“I believe there is. We didn’t test the kids in the 40, but watching him run I wouldn’t doubt it. The kid can run. They were telling me a story from last year about college coaches coming in while they were doing their testing and he kind of jumped off the chart with the 40.”

Will Hamilton have his hand in the dirt this season? 

“We’re a base 4-3, we do get to some 3-down stuff. He’ll be playing our open-side defensive end. … He’ll have his hand in the dirt.”

What are the key things he needs to work on to get ready for the Pac-12?

“I think the biggest thing is what he’s working on now is in the weight room, continuing to build his body. Some kids top off early where you’re saying they’re too muscular or they need to lose weight. He could put on easily another 20 pounds of muscle and not lose his athleticism at all.”

What happens if Hamilton gets other offers? 

“I’m sure a lot of teams are starting to pop up, saying they want him and that sort of thing. But in my experience, spending the last seven years at the junior college level, usually the first team that offers is where the kids go because they feel loyalty to the first team that offers them. I was joking around with him, I said ‘hey if Alabama comes in, USC or whatever’ and he was like ‘who’s that? Who’s that? I want to go to Colorado.’ I think it’s a really good fit.”

Are the Buffs looking at any other players at ASA-Miami? 

“I think they were looking at one of our defensive backs, Matthew Whyte. The U was looking at him hard. He’s a Miami kid as well. He’s a BCS kid who’s really improved academically over the last year to get himself D-1 eligible. He went to the Miami camp and ran a sub 4.5 40 as well.”

Hamilton's Freshman Highlight Reel:


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