Q&A: Wells talks about decision

The Buffaloes got back into the Sunshine State last recruiting cycle, and they ended up signing South Plantation teammates Anthony Julmisse and Johnny Huntley, while just missing out on blue-chip defensive back Craig Watts. On Tuesday evening, Colorado got its first pledge from Florida this cycle when Carson Wells decided he will play his college football in Boulder. Q&A...


What ultimately sold you on Colorado?

Carson Wells: “The facilities were amazing, and I love the location of the school with it being up the mountains. The level of both academics and football that I will be able to compete in at Colorado, it is something I couldn't turn down. It was way better than I thought it was going to be like when I visited. Just the scenery around the campus was awesome. The atmosphere is real different than Florida but it wasn't anything bad.”

Was the dry atmosphere in Colorado something you noticed coming out from Florida?

Oh yeah, I am tired of 105 degrees and 100 percent humidity (laughing).”

Was there a particular moment when it clicked for you and you knew you wanted to be a Buff?

Not really. I have just been praying about it a lot. It was a really hard decision but I feel like I made the right one.”

What does it feel like to have your college decision made?

It is a relief. Now I can focus on my season.”

How did Buffs defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Jim Leavitt find out about you initially?

Back when he was the head coach at USF, he had two or three players come from our school so he knew about us and came by and checked us out. Coach Leavitt first saw me last spring, the spring of my sophomore year.”

Coach Leavitt was showing you a lot of love at the Under the Lights camp in late June... what does he like about you as a player?

He likes me as an outside linebacker in their 3-4 scheme with my length and being able to drop back and cover.”

What do you pride yourself on?

Me personally, I pride myself on my football IQ. I study the game and I like to know what is coming. That helps with my reaction to the plays.”



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