Lynott plans to honor grandfather

Tim Lynott Jr. is now preparing for his redshirt freshman campaign with a heavy heart.

Lynott, the Buffaloes' top right guard, is dedicating his upcoming season to his grandfather Jack, who passed away on Tuesday night.

His name will be on my arm every game. I am going to play for him and just play my heart out for him,” he said. “It has been a rough couple days with everything going on with him. I did get to visit him the day before he passed, and I really thank God for that.

He was a big influence on me and he is basically the one that raised my dad, who is a great father to me, so I really thank him for that. I am going to play this year in honor of him.”

Personal loss aside, Lynott said camp has been going well as he gets ready to play in his first collegiate game. On the Buffaloes' practice fields the last five months, Lynott has lived to the hype he generated as a recruit while picking up offers from programs like Oregon, Miami and UCLA.

Part of what has helped Lynott rise up Colorado's depth chart so quickly is the fact he did not get a big head despite all attention he received during the recruiting process.

I just try to work my tail off every day,” he said. “I try to improve on my footwork, try to make sure my hands are good, and I try to learn off the older guys. I try to make sure I listen to everything they tell me. They have been good mentors to me, and now I try to pass that along to the few younger guys below me.”

Left tackle Jeromy Irwin, one of the offensive linemen that has helped mentor Lynott, has taken notice of his work ethic.

Tim is a great kid,” Irwin said. “He comes out here every day ready to go to work, that is his attitude, and that is what we need. He is going to be really good.”

Lynott continues to take some reps at offensive center, the position he will likely play in the future. But for now his primary position is right guard. It is the spot he will make his debut at on Sept. 2.

Center is a pretty hard position, especially in college, so they have to mold you into a center,” Lynott explained. “I am pretty comfortable at right guard so it will be good to gain experience there first. I am sure I will have the first game jitters, but after I get through that, it is just going to be another game for me and I will start to get that experience.”

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