Evan Battey

Battey loved CU official visit

2017 Colorado men’s basketball target Evan Battey had a great time on his recent official visit to Boulder, but the four-star isn’t ready to make the call on where he’ll play college ball.

“It was good, it was really good. I liked it. We did a lot of stuff, went around the campus, academic meetings, went to the football game, hung out with the guys. It was a really good time,” Battey said of visiting CU.

CU redshirt sophomore George King served as the player host for Battey. Battey said he got to know the entire men’s hoops team, coaches and other high school hoopsters on official visits. The 6-foot-7, 280-pound Battey concluded his Miami official last weekend and he’s set for West Lafayette, Ind., this coming weekend. 

“I already knew my boy Tyler Bey, I knew him. I met D’Shawn Schwartz a little bit, he’s a really cool dude,” Battey continued on his CU official.

“I’m finishing up my last [officials]. I have one more next weekend, Purdue. … They all really show the same thing. It’s all about the right fit, that’s really where I stand. I’m not sure, it could as early as two weeks from now, it could be a couple months from not. I don’t know.”

Boyle and the Buffs are taking a casual approach in regard to Battey’s recruitment. CU plans to let the big man sort things out, not pushing for a commitment. Boulder, as it usually does, blew away the four-star with is majestic beauty and/or beauties.

“[The Buffs] want me to do it on my own terms. If I want to go there, I’ll go there. I wanted to lay all my options out and see how everybody recruited me,” Battey said.

“Boulder, it was over the top. I absolutely loved it. I didn’t know what to expect, I came in and I loved it there.”

While Boyle was in Ann Arbor, Mich., for the stellar first quarter and not-so-stellar punting game of CU football’s ill-fated road trip, the Roll Tad namesake was on the smartphone, communicating with Battey. Technology is a wonderful recruiting tool.

“He texted me actually. We had a little back and forth. I like coach Boyle a whole lot. He’s one of those coaches who cares about his players a whole lot. Family man, his family loves being around the players,” Battey said of Boyle.

You know Boyle will be checking his messages app in the coming days and weeks to see if there’s word from the four-star forward slash center. Boyle, like the rest of us, will likely have to wait a little longer on Battey’s decision.





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