Colorado's first commit for 2018

Just like with the 2017 class, the Buffaloes' first commitment for the Class of 2018 comes from a highly regarded in-state recruit...

Robinson has maintained high interest in Colorado since receiving an offer from the Buffaloes last spring. Air Force, Brown and Colorado State also offered, and Robinson would have continued to pick up more offers had he stayed uncommitted, but he already knew he wanted to stay in-state and attend CU.

"I am proud of him," said Matt McChesney, who trains Robinson at his Six Zero Strength facility. "I know he had to think about this and he is probably going to have more opportunities going forward. But Ray is a loyal kid and CU was the first to offer him.

"Coach [Mike] Mac[Intyre] and Coach [Darrin] Chiaverini and Coach [Jim] Leavitt], we all talked, and they believe in Ray. And they believe in the man that he is going to become and the player that he is. And they believe in Coach [Mark] Robinson] at Highlands Ranch, his father, and the development he has done with him so far. And they believe in the program that I run and the fact Ray is in here busting his butt every day and sacrificing to improve. The fact he can he can handle it being that young, that he can wake up early and work, Ray is a young guy that never has an excuse to not grind."

Robinson stands 6-foot-2, and he has put on roughly 12 pounds of muscle in the last six months to get up near 220-pounds. It is yet to be determined exactly what position he will play for the Buffaloes.

"He can be a safety in college. He can be a Ryan Moeller type that is flying around and knocking the hell out of people," McChesney said. "Or you can move him up in the box, in my opinion, and put 20-25 more pounds on him. This boy can fly and he can jump out the roof. You take all that, and with that natural aggression that he has, you move him to linebacker and just let him go head hunting out there in Coach Leavitt's system.

"The kid is an absolute stud and a leader and is a coach's son and really appreciates the game. He is the kind of kid you can build around."

Robinson told BuffStampede's Kyle McCall that he will try to become a recruiter for the 2018 class, like Jon Van Diest and Dante Sparaco have been for Colorado this cycle.

"I like that role, I think that fits for me. I can definitely see myself doing it," Robinson said. "I think I’m going to wait until next year because I think it’s too early, but I think that would definitely be a good fit for me.”

While posing for a picture with some of the Buffs' 2017 verbal commits this past summer, Robinson certainly did not look like he had just finished up his sophomore year of high school (pictured far right):

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