Know Your Foe Q&A: Arizona Wildcats

To get more insight into the Buffaloes' next opponent, we caught up with Jason Scheer of, which is part of the network...

What are the main reasons the Wildcats have struggled this season, particularly during their current six-game losing streak?

Jason Scheer: "You can pretty much point to everything. Arizona is playing a wide receiver at running back and while he has been decent, J.J. Taylor was the best playmaker on the team and has been out since the Washington game due to a broken ankle. The QB play has been awful and offensive line average, so that doesn’t help. On defense, Arizona is way too small on the defensive line and the tackling has not been good at all. In addition, there’s basically no depth, so Arizona is stuck with what it has on defense and a lot of that includes youth. There’s much bigger issues at hand, including a lack of motivation as of late, injuries, and misevaluations, but that is the basic premise of why Arizona is playing poorly."

How much, if any, heat is Rich Rodriguez feeling in Tucson?

"From fans? A ton. From the Athletic Department? Almost none. I think if you polled fans, a majority of them would want a coaching change. The problem with that is Rodriguez is owed quite a bit of money and this season isn’t a pattern yet. There’s no way he gets fired after this season, but next year should be an interesting one."

Should Buffs fans expect to see both Brandon Dawkins and Anu Solomon get playing time at quarterback this Saturday?

"My gut says that Anu Solomon starts and Dawkins only comes in if Solomon struggles. Dawkins has been awful as of late and while Solomon has not necessarily been good, he has been the better of the two."

Who are the Wildcats top playmakers, on both sides of the ball?

"On offense, it is likely Trey Griffey. It seems he draws at least one pass interference penalty a game and is a solid receiver. Watch out for wide receiver Cam Denson though. He is finally starting and scored Arizona’s only touchdown last week. He might be the only player on offense with clear breakout potential. Defensively, it’s hard to figure that out. Tellas Jones and Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles seem the likeliest of the bunch, but Arizona isn’t forcing turnovers at all right now."

Do the Wildcats have any injuries of note?

"This question made me chuckle a bit because it’s been that sort of season. The following players are likely out and have started at least one game this season: Nick Wilson (Starting RB, out for season), RB J.J. Taylor (Broken ankle, out for season), RB Orlando Bradford (Domestic violence, kicked off team), WR Cedric Peterson (broken foot), WR Tyrell Johnson (hamstring), Cody Ippolito (Starting LB, torn ACL), LB Michael Barton (knee injury), LB DeAndre Miller (ankle), OL Gerhard De Beer and Jacob Alsadek (questionable)."

Lastly, how do you see Saturday's game shaking out and what is your score prediction?

"There’s no way to pick Arizona to win right now. The Wildcats are seemingly lacking motivation, injured, and just a complete mess right now. In addition, fans have not been going to games, so the home field advantage doesn’t really exist. Colorado is the better team and while it may be close early, the Wildcats don’t have the size or depth to keep up. Colorado 31, Arizona 13."

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