Q&A with Kevin George

Colorado's newest commitment took time out to talk with BuffStampede.com about his decision...


What sold you on committing to Colorado?

Kevin George: “I like their players, some of the guys that will be my future teammates. I am being hosted this weekend by Kabion Ento, we have basically everything in common. I vibe with him a lot as well as some of the other players. [New defensive coordinator and linebackers] coach [DJ] Eliot, he is real cool and seems very excited about getting here. The campus is awesome, the town is beautiful. I just felt like I would fit in perfect with [head] coach [Mike] Mac[Intyre]'s program. And he coached in the NFL for the Cowboys so I feel like it is in my best interest to attend this school.”

What did Colorado's coaches say they like about you as a player, the reason they want you to join the program?

“They like corners with length, good speed. But my main thing is I need to gain a little more power, maybe 10-15 more pounds. I would like to be 190-195. That would be perfect. They also like my ball skills. They are ready for me to come in and get to work.”

What was your height and weight when you measured in on your official visit?

“They said I am 6-foot-3, 177-pounds.”

I asked you what Colorado likes about you as a player... what do you feel your strengths are? If somebody came to watch you play for the first time, what would stand out to them about you?

“My best skill I would say is going to get the ball. I am physical corner, I like to press a lot. I have good ball skills, good hips. I think the one thing I need to improve on is my footwork.”

You are from Lafayette, La., and I know you were a bit under-the-radar coming out of high school... was there any reason for that?

“I didn't start playing cornerback until my senior year so I was just learning the position. As the season went along, it started to come easier and easier. It was all up from there. I had some options... Louisiana Tech, Louisiana-Monroe and schools like that. There weren't any big, big schools after me, though, and I wasn't satisfied with settling on just any school. No disrespect to the Sun Belt, there are some good schools in that conference, but I wanted something bigger and I knew I could get something bigger. So I went to Georgia Military College and it turned out exactly how I planned.”

You got to Georgia Military College and there were three sophomore cornerbacks that were more established on the team... what did you do to get yourself on the field as a freshman?

“Every time they would put me in, I would always find a way to put the ball in my hands, whether it was picking up a fumble or catching an interception. I would always try to find a way to make plays. I started to get more playing time as the season went along and I had success.”

You took the risk to go the Junior College route and now you are set to be a Pac-12 player... what are your emotions like here shortly after committing to Colorado, thinking back on your short journey here?

“It is a good feeling. I always had confidence in myself. I am not saying I necessarily wanted to go to a Military College, I had to cut my hair and all this other stuff, but this is a big day. My mom was real emotional about it and she started to cry. And when I saw my mom cry, I started crying. It is a process but it worked out.”

Do you know when you are going to be heading out to Colorado to enroll?

“I believe in May.”

What will be your expectations coming out to Boulder?

“I just want to come in and help out as much as I can. I know they lost two corners so I am hoping to come in and try to fill one of those spots, be that guy for them. We will see how camp goes.”

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