Colorado Prep 25

What more needs to be said? Considered by many a top 5 player nationally and the best lineman in the class of 2004. Jeff Byers is graded out by many as the best center to ever come out of high school.

1. Jeff Byers OL Loveland 4A
6' 4"280lbs4.8 sec385lbs515lbs
What more needs to be said? Considered by many a top 5 player nationally and the best lineman in the class of 2004. Jeff Byers is graded out by many the best center to ever come out of high school. An average of over 10 pancakes per game last year, Byers will dominate once again this fall. With a legit 40yds of 4.8 he is faster than most of his teammates and some of the players he blocks for! Loveland has recently produced big time division one players in Ross Pilkington and Jeremy Bloom. Look for this tradition to continue with Jeff. An early loss to start the season won't affect Byers college choice but may hinder his goal of a state title while playing in what is considered the state's most competitive classification.

2. Calais Campbell TE/DE Denver South 5A
6' 7" 235lbs 4.8 sec    
Another highly regarded lineman from Colorado is a solid commit to the University of Miami. Already Colorado's all time sack leader with 38 and 19 coming last season, this stat is really amazing considering Denver South's opponent averaged 7 pass attempts per game. That means last season Campbell averaged a sack every 4 pass attempts he was on the field. Those numbers alone are staggering, not to mention his size speed combination and high regard amongst college recruiters. Calais looks to repeat his all-state performance of last season and lead Denver South to the promise land.

3. Ryan Walters QB Grandview 5A
6' 195lbs 4.48 sec 335lbs 450lbs
Mr. Everything for this up and coming east Denver newcomer. After leading Grandview to a 7-0 record and top 5 ranking, Ryan hurt his knee and that was that. The wolves finished 7-4 and losing in the first round of the playoffs. After a long off season and a quick recovery, recent University of Colorado commit, Walters is in a position to become the talk of the town. Ranked as a top 20 quarterback in the nation and a regional finalist for the Elite 11, (considered the most prestigious invite only camp in the nation), the Buffaloes look to have secured a promising future with this talented young man. An excellent arm, great speed, and a proud buffalo lineage as his father Marc was also a quarterback for the buffs in the 80's, all tend to the side of success for Mr. Walters.

4. Garrett Collins OL Columbine 5A
6' 4" 260lbs 5 sec 335lbs 400lbs
Another instate prospect committed to the University of Colorado following in the recent trend of in-state big uglies staying at home looking to carry the vaunted buffalo rushing attack. A leader on the nationally recognized and ranked Rebel team, Collins looks to pave the way for the Columbine backfield. A top 10 positional player and an all conference member, prep fans will want to come out and watch Collins increase his average of 10 pancakes per game this fall. In game one, Collins not only shined for the nationally televised ESPN audience, he had 20+ pancake blocks.

5. Dan Gury OL Monarch 4A
6' 6" 290lbs 5.3 sec 285lbs 460lbs
In what is becoming a noticeable trend this year in the state of Colorado, there are an abundance of lineman. Dan has quietly been moving his way up this list. Somewhat of sleeper after last season's state championship, Gury will be a leader for the Coyotes this fall. With a flurry of activity on the practice field in Louisville, Gury looks to be playing big time next fall. With tremendous size and upside, Dan will be heavily sought after with a strong showing this season. An all-state selection and team captain, the tangibles coaches covet are all a part of Gury's upside.

6. Kory Sperry ATH Pueblo County 4A
6' 6" 195lbs 4.6 sec 215lbs 285lbs
A tall kid with excellent athleticism. Playing for a small school in relative obscurity may have somewhat sheltered Kory, but when you play all over the field and have the frame he does, college coaches can only help but notice. A leader in his own right and potential to boot, Sperry is the real deal. Having played TE, RB, DE, and QB, Sperry is being recruited by most schools as an athlete. If he can bulk up and keep his speed, Sperry will be a force to reckon with on either side of the ball. An all-state selection last year, Sperry will have to carry a young Hornet supporting cast.

7. Chris Kawulok LB Monarch 4A
6' 3" 215lbs 4.75 sec 185 lbs*23 reps  
Another Coyote looking to improve on his all state campaign, Chris is receiving interest from all across the country. A tackling machine and cog for Monarch's running game, Kawulok is a force to be reckoned with. Another division I prospect for the Coyotes, if Chris has a repeat of last year, the sky is the limit for this burgeoning star. A leader for the defense and a mentor for his younger brother and teammate, Chris will be key to the success of Monarch in November.

8. Kyle Bell RB Weld Central 2A
6' 2"s 210lbs 4.46 sec 320lb  
Almost a clone of Colorado's all time rushing leader Lendale White (USC 2003). 2,271 yards of White's rushing record is not out of the question as Bell ran for 2,243 yards last year while sitting out numerous minutes after his team was ahead. An all-around athlete and scholar playing basketball and baseball with a 4.1 GPA, Bell hopes to strike it rich after his amazing high school career is over. Not known to many outside of Northern Colorado, this young man is worth every penny to see him play. With a recent trend of Colorado small school players going big time, Bell has every reason and ability to follow in that trend.

9. Chauncey Duckett ATH Wasson 4A
6' 3" 185lbs 4.5 sec    
An all-conference member last fall, Duckett looks to improve his stats this season. An all-around athlete who also excels in basketball and track, Duckett is willing to do whatever it takes to make it at the next level. A starter as a sophomore on defense and quarterback last year, Chauncey is ready to carry the TBirds this fall. Duckett has a good size, speed combination to play in college. Duckett will need to carry his teammates this fall and make a huge impact to impress the big boys.

10. Nick Aletto OL Ponderosa 5A
6' 5" 285lbs 5.3 sec 330lbs  
Great potential, size, and strength are assets Aletto will take to Brigham Young University as he has already verbally committed. Religious affiliations may be considered a coup for BYU as Aletto was receiving a lot of attention until his verbal commit. A four year starter for a perennial post season contender in Colorado's biggest classification is something to be proud of. An injury last fall has hampered his progress somewhat but look for Aletto to bring some thunder at the point of attack all season long. A team captain and favorite of the coaching staff Aletto should be a welcome addition to BYU's OL.

11. Matt Slauson OL Air Academy 4A
6' 6" 310lbs 5.15 sec 350lbs 500lbs
A transfer from the state of Oregon that had an offer from the Ducks before departing. Great size, excellent speed, and strength will all accompany Matt to the next level. Teamed with fellow D1 prospect and teammate Jeff Kendall, the Falcons will be laying the foundation for success this fall. Another all-around athlete which seems to be the trend for Colorado preps this fall, Slauson competes in track and has personal bests of 53.5ft in shot put and 159ft for discus.

12. Jeff Kendall OL Air Academy 4A
6' 4" 285lbs 4.93 sec 315lbs 415lbs
Jeff recently committed to the University of Oregon and is very excited about the upcoming season. He has amazing speed for his size along with a great frame and work ethic. A late bloomer, Kendall has gained over 45 pounds in the last 12 months. With the tremendous growth and ability to keep his speed and footwork negligible, the colleges came knocking. Kendall committed to Oregon on August 12th. Already qualified, this all-conference player will have a standout senior campaign.

13. Garrett Bliss LB Durango 4A
6' 2" 240lbs 4.7 sec 355lbs 525lbs
An all-conference member since a freshman, Bliss has been on the recruiting stop since he was a sophomore and will be at many national camps and all American games later this fall. Garrett is a leader for his team in many ways on and off the field. Playing many different positions throughout his career, Bliss is being recruited as an LB, FB, and DL. With his size and speed it's hard to tell where he will end up. High school opponents this fall will wish he was gone after they become acquainted with his pension for punishing opposing players.

14. Tommie Hill DE/LB Arapahoe 5A
6' 7" 215lbs 4.75 sec 250lbs 320lbs
Tommie has been in the national spotlight this summer after being nominated to ESPN's top 100. Although he didn't make it, Hill is the real deal. With many of the BIG XII and PAC 10 powers after Tommie, he looks to improve on his stellar all-conference junior season. 163 tackles and seven blocked kicks are amazing numbers on any level. Also a basketball player for the Warriors, Hill is hoping his athleticism will be an added bonus in the recruiting process. He is related to NBA star Grant Hill.

15. Tyler Joyce LB Overland 5A
6' 4" 215lbs 4.6 sec    
Tyler is somewhat of a dark horse this fall. He is being recruited by many of the national powers, but is receiving little media fan fare. An all-conference selection last fall, Joyce will be the focal point of the Trailblazer defense this fall. A tackling machine and three year starter for one of the best programs in the state are accomplishments many can only aspire to. Joyce will get his shot at the next level. Where it comes however is still up for debate.

16. Michael Medina DB Bear Creek 5A
6' 1" 175lbs 4.4 sec    
Medina has played numerous positions for the Bears but will focus on WR and DB this fall. A three year starter both ways, Medina brings excellent experience not to mention a three-sport varsity letter winner. Playing for one of the better coaches in the state and at a school which continuously churns out D1 players, Medina should get a number of visits this fall. At 6' and 175lbs Medina may want to put on a little more weight but his intangibles are excellent.

17. Jeff Rickard OL Standley Lake 5A
6' 4" 270lbs      
Another big body coming out of Jefferson County. Playing against strong competition will only help the future of Rickard. Standley Lake has never made the playoffs, but with a new run-oriented offense and some talent on the offensive line, Rickard may be able to take the Gators to the next level. If not, don't take Rickard off your short list of big lineman going to the next level.

18. Kevin McPeeke TE Douglas County 5A
6' 6" 210lbs 4.6 sec 275lbs 475lbs
Kevin has quietly stolen the show down south. Notre Dame, Stanford, and many more were in on McPeeke before he chose Colorado State this summer. Considered a coup for Lubick and Co., Kevin hopes to lead the huskies back to the playoffs. Coming back after a stellar season of 38 catches for over 500 yards, Kevin is prepared to do whatever it takes to win football games. Kevin also possesses rare jumping ability for a guy his size with a 30" vertical. Look for McPeeke to make some big plays this fall.

19. Connor Rauschelbach QB Mullen 5A
6' 2" 200lbs 4.7 sec 215lbs  
An honorable mention all-conference and all-state player last year, don't underestimate Connor. The only reason he was honorable mention was due to the fact he played in the same conference as Taylor Tharp (Boise State commit and one of the better statistical seasons the state has ever seen). A leader in every way Rauschelbach promises to carry the Mustangs to that next step…a state title. With new coach Dave Logan who has tutored names such as Steve Cutlip and Allen Webb, look for Connor to really progress in his senior campaign.

20. Chris Wood OL Columbine 5A
6' 5" 280lbs 5.3 sec 325lbs  
Wood is a big kid and who plays well for his size. An honorable mention all-conference selection last year, Wood already has coaches and peer attention, now he hopes to gain the attention of college recruiters. A focal point this fall is that Wood and the Rebel offensive line will need to carry the run-oriented Lowry offense. Alongside teammate Garrett Collins, look for Wood to benefit from the early attention Collins received before committing to the University of Colorado. Wood is considered by many to have more upside than Collins at this point in their careers. Look for these two to punish opposing lineman.

21. Durrell Williams LB Rangeview 5A
6' 3" 215lbs 4.7 sec 235lbs 300lbs
Durell transferred from Montbello of the DPL to the Continental conference(probably league #3 as far as competitiveness and talent goes). Durell models his plays after many linebackers in the league and has very good sideline-to-sideline play. His speed is a little off from what his size may dictate, but man can this young man bring some thunder. Watch for Durell to climb up the ladder this fall with a strong senior season. His brother, Carlos Williams, is a sophomore at the University of Arizona.

22. Patrick Ealy RB Denver South 5A
5' 8" 185lbs 4.4 sec 245lbs 350lbs
Ealy is fun to watch! A 4.45 40yds is always nice to go along with excellent agility and power in between the uglies up front. Patrick's size has raised some eyebrows on pass blocking and durability at the next level. Ealy will be playing on Saturday's, the only question is where. Watch for Ealy to land on the East Coast as that is the way he is looking. Playing in the DPL with the state's deepest team may garner even more attention to all of South' players, but even more to those who can standout.

23. Kelton Lynn WR Fairview 5A
6' 2" 180lbs 4.5 sec 230lbs 350lbs
Kelton was one of the best receivers last year as a junior making the all-Colorado team. With 100 catches and 1400yds, Kelton is clearly the go to guy for Fairview. With a new quarterback to break in, don't expect Lynn's numbers to be as staggering as last year. Hard work and understanding of the game are attributes Kelton possesses, not to mention excellent grades. Not too interested in the in-state school's, look for Kelton to land in the Ivy League or on the west coast.

24. Josh Barnes OL/DL Denver South 5A
6' 3" 265lbs 4.9 sec 250lbs  
A tweener type who is strong in the trenches. Playing both ways is key for Josh who had some success on defense last fall. Josh is said to have worked real hard over the summer and was looking to improve his feet and strength. Josh will definitely benefit from Calais Campbell and other players on the Rebel starting line. Josh will need a big year to get an offer from a school he covets and raise his grades.

25. John Fletcher QB/LB Ralston Valley 4A
6' 5"   4.7 sec    
It seems as if QB/LB John Fletcher has been at Ralston Valley forever. He has! A starter since its inception in 2000, John has started four year and has been a two year all-conference member. Fletcher is the heart and soul of the Mustangs. At 6' 5" and 220lbs, Fletcher has ideal size for either position along with speed all coaches' desire. A 4.7 40yds dash and agility in and out of the pocket, Fletcher will be a big presence for the Mustangs. The likes of CU, CSU, Oregon, and Wyoming have been through. A tackling monster and leader on the Mustang defense, watch for Fletcher to beat ‘em deep and hit ‘em in the hole for a loss!

Top 25
Jeff ByersOLLoveland
Calais CampbellDLDenver South
Ryan WaltersQBGrandview
Garrett CollinsOLColumbine
Dan GuryOLMonarch
Kory SperryATHPueblo County
Chris KawulokLBMonarch
Kyle BellRBWeld Central
Chauncey DuckettATHWasson
Nick Aletto OLPonderosa
Matt SlaussonOLAir Academy
Jeff KendallOLAir Academy
Garrett Bliss LBDurango
Tommie HillDE/LBArapahoe
Tyler JoyceLBOverland
Michael MedinaDBBear Creek
Jeff RickardOL/DLStandley Lake
Kevin McPeeke TEDouglas County
Connor RauschelbauchQBMullen
Chris WoodOLColumbine
Durrell WilliamsLBRangeview
Patrick EalyRBDenver South
Kelton LynnWRFairview
Josh BarnesATHDenver South
John Fletcher QB/LBRalston Valley
On the Outside Looking In
Joe Murt ATHCherry Creek
Gordon Stant OLDakota Ridge
Brian Beckord RBBoulder
Steve WinterboerDLBear Creek
Andrew Corre ATHDenver South
Tremaine WatsonDBGrand Junction
Pat McnieceQB Boulder
Joel JohnsonRBCherry Creek
Brandon Birdsall LBLongmont
Bill HillRBMonarch
Spencer HansenLBBear Creek
Aaron Mack DE/LBCherry Creek

Outside Looking In (alphabetically listed)

Brian Beckord RB Boulder 5A
6' 1" 195lbs 4.4 sec    
Brian Beckord is the leader for the Panthers. Beckord's attributes are in the "most coveted" range. Size and speed to burn look to help in this young man's recruiting process. A DI prospect at all angles coach Carskie knows the recruiting game and feels Beckord is the real deal.

Brandon Birdsall LB Longmont 5A
6' 1" 215lbs 4.6 sec 270lbs 450lbs
A defensive standout for Longmont, Birdsall could easily move up the list with a strong season. With coaching ties to the University of Colorado, watch to see where Brandon ends up.

Andrew Corre ATH Denver South 5A
6' 1" 200lbs 4.7 sec    
Tied for the lead last fall with 28 touchdown passes. If he improves his numbers from a year ago Corre will definitely be playing on Saturdays.

Spencer Hansen DL Bear Creek 5A
6' 2" 220lbs      
A fireplug on a very athletic team. Needs to step up this fall.

Bill Hill RB Monarch 4A
5' 9" 185lbs 4.5 sec    
Coming off a big injury and huge return for the state title game, Hill is ready to become a name to remember. A 2nd team All-State member Hill seems to be at 100% for this fall. He is receiving early interest from CSU and regional schools.

Joel Johnson RB Cherry Creek 5A
5' 8" 200lbs 4.5 sec    
A small player with a huge heart. Look for Johnson to help break in first year coach Greg Critchett.

Aaron Mack DE/LB Cherry Creek 5A
6' 5" 215lbs 4.6 sec    
A defensive stalwart for much of his career, Mack hopes to shine in his senior campaign.

Pat Mcniece QB Boulder 5A
6' 1" 185lbs      
Threw for over 2,000yds and 21 touchdowns as a junior.

Joe Murt ATH Cherry Creek 5A
6' 2" 200lbs      
Scoring a perfect on Cherry Creek's infamous strength and agility test may come as a surprise to many. With names like Sean Tufts, John Martin, Darnell McDonald, and Matt Newton, to have never accomplished this feat, Murt's intangibles seem to be in his favor. A leader with experience is exactly what coach Critchett will need this fall.

Gordon Stant OL Dakota Ridge 4A
6' 4" 265lbs 5.1 sec 315lbs 455lbs
With his early resume starting to fill up, Stant couldn't be better prepared for this fall. An invite to CSU's Elite Camp and coaches from Kansas State, Wyoming, Colorado, Colorado State, and Oregon inquiring about Stant, coach Woitalewicz feels Stant is ready for the next level.

Tremaine Watson DB Grand Junction 4A
6' 1"        
An unknown quantity at this point. Keep an eye out for him.

Steve Winterboer DL Bear Creek 5A
6' 3" 310lbs 5 sec   455lbs
Production needs to improve to get to the big-time. Plays with talent around him and for an excellent coach. So, getting a little fire in the belly shouldn't be a problem.

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