Poplawski Talks About Switch to CU

Jared Poplawski was on Arizona State's commitment for nearly eight months, but the talented tight end changed his mind at the end of the recruiting process...


Jared Poplawski's father, grandfather, great grandfather, and other family members attended Arizona State, so turning his back on the Sun Devils was not easy to do.

"It was extremely difficult because of my connections with that school but I knew I had to make the right decision for me, even if that meant leaving home to go to a different state," Poplawski said.

"I just felt Colorado was the best opportunity for me," he continued. "They have everything that was important to me when looking for a college. I came to a decision and I feel great about it.”


Poplawski's future position coach just happens to recruit the Grand Canyon State. Buffaloes ttight ends coach Gary Bernardi was a big part of his decision to attend Colorado, Poplawski said.

“He was very respectful throughout the process," he explained. "When I committed to ASU, Coach Bernardi said, 'I think you are an unbelievable player and I really, really wish to have you so if you have any second thoughts or concerns with ASU, make sure you call me right away.' I started to have some concerns so I called him and he began recruiting me again. He was at my school all the time, he was talking to me constantly. He just did a really good job recruiting me.

"Coach Bernardi said he loves how versatile I am. He likes that I can do a bunch of different things and he feels that I am going to be a great weapon for their offense."


Current Colorado tight end Chris Bounds also helped Poplawski see the advantages of playing for the Buffs. He served as his player host when Poplawski was in Boulder on an official visit last weekend.

"My trip to Colorado was fantastic," he said. "Going around to different places, I could tell it is a real college town. The whole city does a good job of supporting the college and the football team. It was just a cool feeling being out there. I really liked how close the players and coaches were with each other. It felt like a true family and it felt like a great place to go to work and get the job done."

After signing his letter of intent, Poplawski was able to breathe a big sigh of relief.

“I am really glad the process is over," he said. "It was really, really stressful. I am just glad to know that I am going to a great University. I am very excited.”


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