2017 CU Recruiting Luncheon Notes

Notes from BuffStampede.com Fan Correspondent Tyler Ziskin following Colorado's 2017 Post-Signing Day Celebration...

This was another fun version of the event, I was really disappointed to see this disappear last year, extremely glad they brought it back. I'd say somewhere between 750-1,000 people were in attendance, and head coach Mike Macintyre received quite the standing ovation when first brought up to the podium


*** Joel Klatt told a powerful story about a baseball team with a ton of talent that was unable to find a way to win.  Starting the season 0-5, they noticed that a man sat on his back porch watching them practice every day.  Eventually they learned he was a famous coach in the area who had had tons of success in the past, so they went to talk to him about what it would take to get over the hump.  He harped to them the importance of doing whatever it takes to win no matter what.  Asking a player on the team if he could look himself in the face and admit he did this, the player said yes.  The old man asked him to bend down in a nearby stream and say it to his reflection.  When the boy did, he shoved his face into the water and held him there until he began to struggle for air.  He held him there until the lights nearly turned black, and then thrust him out of the water and asked again if he would do anything to win.  The boy said yes, and the old an responded, 'When you feel about winning the way you did about getting that next breath of air, that is when you will win.' He discussed last season's team and their will to win, about growing from boys to men, and about perseverance and leadership. Later in the luncheon, Klatt got teary eyes while referring to Sefo Liufau the man, placing him among his personal Colorado football Mt. Rushmore.  

*** Our table was with new defensive coordinator DJ Eliot. Although there wasn't much time to have conversation as most of the luncheon was filled up with speakers, he was very personable, very appreciative of being back in Colorado, and definitely engaged in conversation.  You can tell he will be a successful recruiter because he's a believable personality that takes care to ensure he's engaged when speaking to you.  When being introduced on stage and asked about his defensive philosophies, Eliot discussed being a 3-4 based defense that will focus on confusing opposing quarterbacks.  He also mentioned discipline, creating turnovers, tackling, and being multiple as focuses of his defense. 

*** New defensive backs coach ShaDon Brown has an infectious personality. You can tell his time at Army has instilled in him a no-nonsense mindset.  He is going to work this secondary hard, and demand results at all times.  I loved what he had to say about working with kids' strengths and not working to fix things that don't need fixing.

*** The recruit videos weren't as big of a focus this year, but Macintyre still went through each kid starting with the defense.  Eliot notably perked up when MacIntyre discussed Javier Edwards and Chris Miller.  Miller definitely got a ton of love from the staff, being singled out by ShaDon Brown - along with Kevin George, interestingly - as guys he expected to play right away from the secondary.  MacIntyre told a story about Chris Miller blocking a 6-foot-6 kid in a basketball game on a dunk attempt, and mentioned he measured with a 41-inch vertical.  

*** The video that got the most verbal oohs and aaahs was definitely the video of Grant Polley, who spent his entire video destroying poor young souls.  Offensive line coach Klayton Adams talked about stalling at Polley's house by talking to his dad in the driveway for 45 minutes while Texas head coach Tom Herman waited in his car down the street.  

*** The grouping that stood out to me on film was definitely the offensive line.  I would be surprised if all of this year's offensive signees don't start at some point in their careers.  They all have two things in common: Uncommon size and a brutal mean streak.  MacIntyre said he noticed the teams they struggled against were more athletic and physical in he trenches, on both sides of the line, so they focused on that heavily in this class.

*** The staff spoke very highly of Alex Fontenot and Shamar Hamilton, as well.

*** Macintyre compared a few signees to current players: Nate Landman to Addison Gillam, George to Akhello Witherspoon, Chase Newman to Ryan Moeller, and Dante Wigley to Chidobe Awuzie.  He also mentioned that Jon Van Diest should take over the team's Tazmanian Devil role from Phillip Lindsay.  

*** Macintyre mentioned that Dante Sparaco is physically ready to play right now, so I think he's an early leader in the freshmen clubhouse to earn true frosh minutes along with Miller and KD Nixon.

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