Mycah Pittman (Brandon Huffman)

Pittman Getting Early Look From CU

While the Buffs were on the road closing the 2017 class, they were also targeting players for 2018 and beyond. One player Colorado is looking to establish an early relationship with is 2019 Oaks Christian (Westlake Village, Calif.) wide receiver Mycah Pittman.

The 6-foot, 185-pound Pittman comes with a serious football pedigree. He’s the son of former NFL running back Michael Pittman – one-year with the Broncos -- and the brother of USC receiver Michael Pittman II. Just a sophomore, Mycah is on the way to fulfilling expectations.  

“It felt great,” Pittman said on interest and an early offer from CU.

“I didn’t believe my coach when he first told me. He said you picked up some offers. During the season I pulled [Southern California], which is a great college. All season I wasn’t really getting any looks.”

Pittman said his CU offer was relayed to his high school coach by the Buffs. Colorado likes the 2019 receivers abilities and all signs point to this Pittman being a high-caliber, stars etc., recruit.  

“[Oaks Christian] coach [Jim] Benkert told me what they said and what they liked and stuff like that. They said I’m explosive, I can get open and I can break tackles. I can make something out of nothing and that’s what they like about me,” Pittman continued on CU.

“[The Buffs] had a great season this year and I really liked how they preformed. They were ranked higher than SC at one point.”

USC, Fresno State, Hawaii and Oregon State are other players in the early mix for Pittman. He said despite Internet reports and crystal balls, he’s not to be considered a Trojans lock. Michael Pittman II has been a role model for Mycah, on and off the field.

“My brother plays at SC, but I’m going to let everyone know, everyone’s been saying 100 percent SC for me, but that’s false. They’re taking my quarterback to SC, but I’m looking at the college that shows me the most support,” Pittman said.

“My brother, he was always there in the beginning before all this stuff started happening. He’s always giving me tips on how to get open, route running, being a mentor in my life.”

The 2019 receiver took a recent trip to Fresno State with his father, bringing back memories of the elder Pittman’s collegiate glory days. Michael Pittman was a star at Fresno before rushing for more than 5,600 yards in the NFL capturing a Super Bowl title with Tampa Bay.

An unofficial visit to SC is likely in the cards for the Pittmans. Mycah hopes to travel more extensively in the near future.

“If I could, Hawaii and Colorado,” he said on places he’d like to visit this spring and summer. 

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