Q&A: Jeffcoat Discusses Signees

Colorado's defensive line coach discussed some of their signees with BuffStampede.com last Wednesday in the Touchdown Club...

Jalen Sami mentioned you were down there looking for 2018 recruits when you noticed him... is that correct?

Jim Jeffcoat: “Yeah, I was looking at next year's kids and I saw this big kid sitting at a small desk. I said, 'Woah, wait a minute!' I watched film on him and I told DJ [Eliot] that we need to look at him. We liked what he did on film. He is very athletic. He can dunk a basketball. He was running routes in the gym and he is just an athletic big guy that we like. We think he will fit well into our program.”

How does a 6-foot-5.5, 330-pounder from just down the road in Colorado Springs go largely unnoticed until late in the process?

“He moved schools, he moved from Sierra to Vista Ridge. And he did not go to a lot of camps.”

He added an offer from Ole Miss right after committing to you... were there any anxious moments after that happened?

“Not really because you build relationships and you get to know the kids and their family. His parents came up with him on his visit here to Boulder. They have never been to Oxford, Miss., so they knew what we were about. That was just an offer thrown out there like Ole Miss did with Xavier Edwards and Chris Miller.”

I know Jalen Sami grew up here in Colorado but he has Samoan heritage... what is it about the Samoan culture that seems to breed really good defensive linemen?

“They are typically big, athletic, strong, they like contact, they like the physical nature of playing defense. That is the type of culture that is very conducive to having good defensive lineman."

Will Sami factor in at nose tackle?

“He is going to start at nose tackle but he could play outside at defensive end, too, because he is athletic enough to play our 4i.”

I noticed Jacob Callier was listed as an outside linebacker after he signed, but he is expected to play on the defensive line for you, right?

“No, no, no. He is an outside linebacker. Eventually he can be a defensive end. He'll grow into that. But right now he is an outside linebacker and he is very athletic. He had two brothers that played at San Jose State before we got there. It is a very, very athletic family. He is a talented, talented young man.”

How long do you think it will take for Callier to develop into a defensive lineman?

“It is hard to say right now. It just depends on his growth. When we gets here, we'll have a better idea of it. I know that he can rush the quarterback. And if he does that really well, he might never be a hand in the ground guy, if he keeps the athleticism and same size. But if he gets bigger, which we think he can, if he gets to the 280 range, he can be a hand in the ground guy. But right now he is 250 and he moves so well and he is so athletic that we are going to use him outside.”

Did either of his brothers play for you at San Jose State?

“No, they did not. [Director of Football Operations] Bryan McGinnis was there, though, when his brothers played at San Jose State.”

In a couple weeks you will get to work with new nose tackle Javier Edwards in practice. What are you expecting to see out of him?

'He is here in the weight room already. I am seeing a big guy that is very athletic. He has good footwork and he is really into it. He is very conscientious and wants to be good and that is a big part of it. He is motivated and I am excited about him and Chris [Mulumba].”

I know at one point Edwards was committed to Florida and then a lot of people expected him to go to Arkansas... how competitive was that recruiting battle for him?

“We built a relationship. We talked and texted all the time so he felt comfortable with me and I felt comfortable with him. He is a great young man and I am looking forward to working with him. He understands what he wants to accomplish, and I do, too.”

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