Q&A: Borghi Goes In-Depth on Commitment to Buffs

Arvada (Colo.) Pomona athlete Max Borghi became the Buffaloes' third in-state pledge from the Class of 2018, and fourth overall, last week. He took some time out to talk with BuffStampede.com about that decision and how he expects to fit in at CU...

First off, what went into your decision to commit to Colorado? What sold you on the Buffs?

Max Borghi: “I wanted to play for and represent my state, and I wanted to stay close so my parents can watch me, my coaches can still come watch me.”

Did you know as soon as CU offered that you were going to commit? Or was there a moment after that, before when you committed, where it clicked for you and you realized that is what you wanted to do?

I was pretty sold after I got offered by them. I grew up wanting to be a Buff. My little league team was the Arvada Buffaloes. And then obviously Jack [Moretti] goes there, and that is also a big part of it. I wanted to go play with him. He is one of my best friends. I can't wait to go run behind his blocking. That is going to be awesome. And obviously the coaches up there all gave me a real good feeling that they believe in me. That is what I was looking for in terms of picking picking a school, is coaches that really believe in me and want me as their guy. They really sold me with that.”

Did you enter the recruiting process thinking you might commit this early in the process?

I didn't really quite know what I was going to do. But after thinking about it and talking about it with my family, I felt it was the best choice for me to end the recruiting process and commit early. It felt right for me, especially with it being the Buffs.”

What did the CU coaches tell you in terms of how they see you fitting into the program once you get there next summer?

They see me as a tailback for sure and they see me as a returner.”

Do you consider yourself a slotback, a versatile offensive weapon?

Yeah, they said they see me as a tailback but they'll throw me some balls in the slot, utilize me kind of how [Christian] McCaffrey played [at Stanford]: take some passes, take some runs, take some sweeps, pitches, do all that.”

You can't really escape the Christian McCaffrey comparisons... do you embrace that, or would you prefer people didn't do that?

I think that is a cool comparison. He is a cool kid, big time player for sure.”

If somebody came to watch you play for the first time, what would you want to stand out to them about you as a player? Are there certain things you really pride yourself on?

I am a team player. I don't just play for myself, I play for my team. If one of my teammates scores, I am as happy as I would be if I scored. I am not about myself. It is a team game and you can't win without your other brothers, the other 10 with you on the field. And I am a hard worker. I really work hard for what I have earned and I am just going to continue working. You won't see me stop.”

How is your recovery coming along from the torn ACL you suffered late last season?

It is going great. I am doing my rehab up at CU Sports Medicine so I am up in the Champions Center twice-a-week. I am working with the same guy Jake [Moretti] was. They are saying I am ahead of schedule. I'm feeling strong, it is coming along well, but I am obviously not rushing anything. I am going to take things slow until I am 100 percent sure that I will be good to go. I am probably looking at the start of the season or so.”

But it sounds like you'll definitely be able to play as a senior?

Yep, without a doubt.”

What has been the toughest part of the recovery process?

Just activity. I am a really active kid and I enjoy training hard. But I have just been focusing really hard on my rehab, while being safe. I am just killing my upper-body and working everything I can around it.”

When you went up to the Recruit Day at CU earlier this month, was there anything you saw that really left an impression on you?

Obviously the facilities there are unreal. It is awesome there. But that is not just that, I could really feel the black and gold tradition there. I have known people that have played football for CU and you don't just carry that tradition for four years while you are there, you carry it with you for the rest of your life.”

What assistant coach is primarily recruiting you from CU's staff?

DJ Eliot, the new defensive coordinator, is my primary recruiter. He has been talking to me a lot. And when I visited, all the coaches made me feel at home and talked to me a lot and told me how much they love me.”

What other schools were showing interest in you before you committed to the Buffs?

Utah, Cal-Berkeley, Washington, Arizona, Arizona State, Stanford wanted me to come out, USC invited me out so I visited there, Nebraska, Wyoming. And obviously the schools that offered me: CSU, Nevada, Central Michigan and Air Force. As far as other programs go, I just told them I want to be a Buff and that is where my heart is and they respected that.”

Have you thought about what you will study when you get up to CU?

Yeah, I am leaning towards Business.”

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