Carette Working For First Offer

Arapahoe (Centennial) 2018 offensive lineman Blake Carette has a packed spring and summer schedule. The 6-foot-3, 274-pounder hopes to reel in his first scholarship offer in the process.

When he’s not on the football field, Carette lines up for Arapahoe’s lacrosse team. A truly imposing defender. He said he’s on a regimen of double daily workouts in order to get stronger for the fall.

“I’ve been visiting a lot of colleges, talking to a lot of schools. It’s going good so far,” Carette said on recruiting.

“CU, Air Force, Wyoming in a couple weeks, the University of Washington in the next month,” he continued on recent and upcoming visits.

Colleges have told Carette they want to evaluate him more during his senior campaign AKA the first couple of games worth of film will be crucial. Carette hopes to play in the 280-pound range and he’s “perfecting his craft” at Six Zero Strength as well as working out with the Arapahoe football squad.

“A lot of schools, North Dakota, Montana, they’ve been talking strongly. … CU I’ve still been talking to a lot. I’ve been talking to [Klayton] Adams he’ll be coming down for a couple spring practices,” Carette continued, adding he went to “quite a few” CU games in 2016.

“They’re continuing to look at me, Adams is looking at me.”

Contact between Carette and the FoCo Rams has been minimal. Cam’s Mountain West rival Air Force has been picking up interest. Carette said he attended recent CU and AF junior days.

“Air Force, I’ve kind of just went down for junior day. That was really the first time I’ve talked to them. They said they just want to keep looking at me, too,” Carette said.

“Just really getting stronger and getting more consistent with technique,” he continued on improvements he’s making to his game.

"Blake is a very smart, athletic football player that has a ton of upside and potential," said his trainer, Six Zero Strength founder Matt McChesney. "I think he will end up at guard or center at the next level and his athletic ability and his ability to move is going to set him apart.

"Obviously I hope it stays regional but there is a lot of interest in him right now from the University of Washington to the University of Colorado to Northwestern. He's all over the map and I think it's going to be a massive off-season, summer and senior season for Blake. There's not a lot of depth at the OL position for seniors in Colorado this year, Blake is the top OL in CO in my opinion."

Carette is hitting the weights hard and he noted his lifts are up to 295 pounds on the bench, 440 squat max and he’s cleaning 255. The 2018 lineman will camp around the region in an effort to land that first offer.

“I’ll be going to the CSU team camp with my team, probably do their individual camp as well. CU, definitely doing some camps up there. Probably a camp in Wyoming and in Arizona and California,” Carette said.

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