What We Learned This Spring: TE

Analysis of Colorado's tight end position, following the Buffaloes' 2017 spring practices...


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If there is a polar opposite to the wide receiver position on the Colorado roster it is tight end, and all we learned about the tight end position this spring is that it remains a non-existent part of the offense and waste of scholarships at this point. Is that too harsh? Aside from one long catch by Dylan Keeney in the spring game the tight end position provided nothing more to the passing game this spring than it did last fall when it accounted for four catches for the entire position for the whole season. And frankly, the position provided less to the running game this spring as no one has shown the willingness or ability that Sean Irwin demonstrated for absolutely devastating blocking at the point of attack.

The questions that everyone had about tight end at the end of the season were not answered this spring in any way, shape, or form and still hang over this offense like a bad odor. Was the position non-existent because talent was lacking? Was it deficiency in the offensive scheme? Is it because none of CU’s quarterbacks look to the tight end as a receiving option? Is there a problem with the quality of the coaching at the position? There are no answers to these questions and it is to be hoped the offensive staff looks long and hard at this issue this summer. While the Buffs will be loaded at receiver this fall and will likely play a lot of four receiver formations to take advantage of that, it would be nice to be able to find the kind of mismatches that teams with good tight ends regularly find when defenses adjust to cover all the receivers.

So what have we learned this spring at tight end?

  • Absolutely nothing. This position is as much a mystery now as it was in December. It’s difficult to conceive of how a team can go through four weeks of practice and have so little to show for it at a position, but that’s the situation here.
  • There are no tight ends on this roster who can provide the blocking that Sean Irwin did last season and no one yet has stepped up as a legitimate weapon in the passing game. It is difficult to understand at this point why CU continues to give scholarships to a position that is not used. George Frazier did not even spend the entire spring at tight end as he also worked on the defensive line.
  • Spring MVP at Tight End: Come on, get serious. No one did anything worthy of notice so no one can be called an MVP at the position.

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