Kruck's Corner: Interview With RB Brian Calhoun

It is no mystery to any Buff fan that the once dominant CU running game is is having problems getting going this season. But when you have a quarterback throw for over 400 yards in his first game, who cares? There are several reasons why the Buff ground attack is taking some time getting going, including four new offensive linemen. We talked with CU runningback Brian Calhoun about it as well as this weekend's game with Washington State.

Brian Calhoun Interview:

RK: For the past two years it's been the running game that has been the heart and soul of this team, here in 2003, it has taken some time for the running game to get going. Talk to me about where the running game is at right now.

BC: I think that everybody knows that we have relied on the pass a little bit more this year and we know we are a little slow right now (running game) and we are trying to work out the kinks. It's not big mistakes that we need to work on its just little things and it falls on the running backs and not the offensive line. So I mean, really, the defenses we have faced are trying to stop the run by putting 7 or 8 guys in the box and we are trying to be patience and the running game will come.

RK: You guys have carried the team for a couple of years so it has to be nice to see the wide receivers and the quarterback stepping up.

BC: I think Colorado is very underestimated at the wide receiver position; we are really deep with DJ and McCoy, Monteilh and (John) Donahoe. But this is still a running team and that's not going to change and we just need to get on track and hopefully we do that this weekend against Washington State.

RK: Let's talk about the hogs up front on the o-line. There has been a lot made about the fact you only have one returning starter, although there are a few guys who have seen playing time, but still it takes some time for an offensive line to come together, doesn't it?

BC: I think a lot of people don't understand that when you are replacing four guys on the offensive line that you are not going to rush for 300 yards a game. So I mean, we are slowly getting there and I think were going to hit out stride by the time conference play comes around and that's the time we need it. As long as we can win with what we have now by the time October / November comes around we'll be hitting our stride.

RK: What are the coaches telling you know. Are they preaching patience with the offensive unit as a whole?

BC: I mean, they are being patient but there is only so much time for them to be patient with the running game. But Klatt threw for 400 yards in the first game so that helps. We have a lot of small things to be fixed but we are going to go out there and leave everything on the field.

RK: Lets talk about Washington State this week. They gave Notre Dame all they could handle last week and probably should have won the game if not for some bad penalties. They are going to be looking for another win, what have you seen and what do you expect from this defense?

BC: I think Washington State has a relentless defense, fast off the edge, not very big but they get the job done. You know what, their backers blitz a lot so we are going to try and protect all angles, put in a couple of new protections to stop the blitzing, but they really should have won the Notre Dame game. So I mean, we all watched the game and know this is a good team and we are not going to take them for granted at all.

RK: They also have some talented corners too, which will be tough on your receivers. That makes it even more important that the running game gets going to take some pressure off those guys.

BC: You know, they have talented corners but we have good receivers. Our receivers are bigger than their corners so I mean, it should be a good match there. So if we can neutralize that match-up, and get our line to gel a little bit inside we can open some holes in the secondary and help our receivers out.

RK: If you get this win your 3-0 and your ranked #17 right now, this is a team that nobody was looking at early in the year. Did they make a mistake?

BC: Well, that's usually how the season starts. You lose so many guys, you're not ranked, you win your first few game and you are ranked. That's just the ebb and flow of the season and we are happy to be ranked and we want to keep improving.

RK: Can't look ahead to that Florida State game right?

BC: I mean, I think it's in the back of all of our minds because Florida State is a team that everybody sees around the country. So if we go 3-0 and I am not trying to jinx this but we could be a top team going against a team that's in the top 10 already, so it will be a huge showdown.

RK: Well, National Championship teams play National Championship schedules, there are no Weber States' or Culinary Schools on CU's schedule. Leave that for Kansas State. Brian, good luck this weekend.

BC: Thanks very much.

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