Coach's Take: CU Hoops Signee McKinley Wright is 'a Special Player' caught up with Champlin Park head coach Mark Tuchscherer to get more insight into McKinley Wright, a recent addition to Colorado's 2017 men's basketball signing class...

What helped separate McKinley Wright at the high school level and what type of basketball player is Colorado getting?

Coach Mark Tuchscherer: “Colorado is extremely fortunate to have McKinley join their team. He is a special player. He is phenomenal in lots of different areas. First and foremost, he is a team guy. He'll do what he needs to do for his team to succeed. If that means scoring a bunch, he can do it. If he needs to distribute, he can do that as well. If he needs to get big rebounds or big stops on defense, he can do that.”

Did you know the first time you saw Wright play that he was a special talent or did his game develop during his time with you?

"Without a doubt, we knew right away. He was our sixth man as a freshman and we only lost three games that year. He was an outstanding player for us that year and throughout his career. Seeing him as a young kid, he had all the tools. As he matured, he got better and better, and still is getting better and will get better. He is just outstanding in all areas of the game. We're a huge school in Minnesota and we've had five Division-1 players come through in the last three years, including McKinley, and he broke our school record for points scored, rebounds, assists and steals."

You touched on his versatility... is he a natural point guard in your eyes or is he more of a combo guard?

"He is a do-it-all combo player. He is a kid that you need to have on the floor, whether he is playing the point or playing on the wing and scoring. He can take on the persona he needs to game-to-game for his team."

You mentioned Wright is still improving. Are there any specific aspects of his game that he really needs to work on as he gets ready to play Pac-12 basketball?

"He has always played at a high level but he has gotten better every year and he has always focused on getting better. That is tough for some high school kids to do. To McKinley's credit, he continues to work on things like his jump shot and his outside game. He shot over 40 percent from three point range this year for us. He continues to work on his game and is only getting better and better."

Obviously the recruiting process was a little bit of a roller-coaster ride for Wright. He signed with Dayton but got out of his letter of intent after Archie Miller took the Indiana job. What made Colorado the right school for Wright?

"Yeah, I don't think it is ideal for any 17 or 18 year old kid to have to go through the recruiting process twice. It is not an easy time for them and the family and coaches. They are just young kids and going through the process of selecting a school and then having the coach leave and having to start over again, I think Dayton's lose is a tremendous addition for Colorado. I think Colorado is a great fit for McKinley. I think it is an opportunity for him to really show what he has got and play at a high level of basketball every night."

What type of person is McKinley Wright off the basketball court?

"He is a very personable young man. He is the type of kid that has a lot of friends and is very social. He always has a smile on his face and he puts a smile on other people's faces. He has been working hard in the classroom the past couple years, trying to improve his grades and take that serious as well as basketball. He is a fun loving, hard working, competitive kid. I think Colorado is going to love having him in their program."

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