Kruck's Corner: Interview With DT Brandon Dabdoub

With the loss of Marques Harris for the season, the Colorado Buffaloes defensive line is going to have to make some moves to fill this large hole. Not only was he one of the Buff's best players, but he was one of their team leaders as well.<p> CU DT Brandon Dabdoub talked after practice about the big loss on the line and the adjustments being made.

RK: I know it's been a tough week, you guys lost one of your warriors and team leaders, take me back to when you saw Harris laying on the Folsom Field grass.

BD: It was a zone play and I saw it out of the corner of my eye that somebody fell down on their leg wrong and I knew it was bad. I saw his leg, it the whole bottom of his leg was pointing to the right and I had a tear going down from my eye because I knew, he wasn't going to be out there with us.

After that, me and Matt McChesney, my fellow defensive tackle said we are going to dedicate this game to #30, we need to win this game and elevate our game and get a win for 30.

RK: Of course he was a captain and a leader, but that story shows how much more he meant to this team.

BD: Yeah, he was a leader, a senior and the best person on the defensive line. He helped us elevate our game up to our potential and he just helped us do that every game and we need to focus on getting another person, myself, or someone else on the defensive line who can elevate everybody else's game.

I mean, he was just a leader on the field, everybody looked up to him and everybody listened to him.

RK: This team is notorious though for guys stepping it up when others go down. It has been that way the past few seasons. So on the defensive line, what are some of the moves you are making to replace Harris?

BD: Well we moved Matt McChesney to defensive end from defensive tackle and then we have DeAndre Fluellen who moved up to the three but we all have confidence in each other and we know we can elevate our game to the level we need it to be. If we can do that we will be in good shape, but we need to move on after losing Marques Harris, if we dwell on this too long it will be a problem.

It's like when we lost Craig (Ochs) last year, everyone had faith in Hodge and he stepped it up and got it done.

RK: Good point. Personally, how does your job change?

BD: Oh yeah, it changes a lot. I need to bring my game up and elevate it more than it has been. I need to get more pressure on the quarterback and demand more double-teams, so we all need to get it down and if we do those things we will be in good shape up front and that will let the linebackers roam free.

RK: The defense has really stopped the running game the past two weeks, besides the quarterback getting some big runs in the CSU game, you guys have done a good job stopping the run. UCLA could not get their game going, how well are you guys playing right now?

DB: Yeah, definitely, we're playing well and we're focusing on stopping the run. And with this defense which is designed to stop it with an 8 man front, if everyone does their job we should stop the run and get the offences into bad situations like 3rd and long, second and long and make the offence pass. If we can do that, we're in good shape and it will be a good year for us.

RK: I think you mentioned the key word for this week, pass. Washington State is a team that could come out and pass the ball all day long. How are you guys preparing for the Cougar's offense?

BD: We have a lot of blitzes and are going to give the quarterback a lot of different looks and different reads. We need to try and confuse him and see what he has and if he gets hot. But we need to elevate our pass rush, we cannot depend on blitzes all day. Us four up front need to get to him alone when we have zone and especially man-to-man coverage.

RK: You have mentioned pressuring the QB twice, is that an area that you believe this team needs to improve on?

BD: There are always things you can improve on, like using our hands more and playing the run better but it is pass rushing that we need to get our heads around more and get to the quarterback.

RK: You never want to look to far down the road, especially with a tough Washington State team coming in this week but with Florida State in two weeks do you maybe take a peek at what's coming up?

BD: Oh no, there's no time to peek at the schedule especially with our schedule, if we did that we would be 2-1 and probably 0-2 so we can't do that. We will look at it Sunday or Saturday night as soon as this game is over. RK: Thanks Brandon, good luck on Saturday.

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