Kruck's Corner: Interview With Derek McCoy

It almost seems like years ago when the University of Colorado was known for its running game. But the days of Chris Brown and 300-yard games are long gone.<p> With one of the most talented receiving corps in years, it's the Buffs passing attack leading the CU offense. One of the key players is senior Derek McCoy.

RK: Ron Kruck along with senior wideout Derek McCoy and Derek, you get to catch passes from another quarterback this week. How has Erik (Greenberg) looked so far?

DM: "He looks real good right now and I think is getting much more comfortable with things. It definitely helped to get some playing time last week."

RK: Is there any difference between Erik and Joel?

DM: "No, not really, they both are very good athletes and have similar games."

RK: The past couple of years it's been the running game that has carried this team, but this season it is taking some time for the ground game to get going. The wide receivers have been the ones to get it done. Talk about the job you guys have done this season.

DM: "We have a lot of experience at wide receiver and we have been waiting for this opportunity for three or four years now and its finally here. So were taking advantage of the opportunity and running with it".

RK: It helps when you have guys who can really throw the ball, especially for 400 yard games.

DM: "I mean it is great to have guys like Joel and Erik back there. We haven't had guys like that since I've been here. They step up into the pocket and make good decisions, like they are veterans."

RK: You've seen the film on a very talented Florida State team, what do you expect from this defense?

DM: "They have some of the most talented corners I have seen since I've been in college, so it is going to be a challenge. The whole entire secondary is probably up there with the best in the nation. I think it's a great opportunity for us though."

RK: How key is it for the running game to get going to open up the offense a little more and take some pressure off you guys?

DM: "I think it is real key and I think they will. I think they are geling a little bit more every week and we got a little bit more of the running game going last week and the running backs seem to be a little more comfortable and they are starting to make people miss. There going to have to make people with the young offensive line. I look for improvement in the running game every week."

RK: How about the o-line, do you feel they are coming together as a unit?

DM: "Yeah, definitely. They are starting to get a little bit more mature too and they are seeing what game speed is like. As you play more games you get used to it. I look for them to improve this week too."

RK: Thanks Derek.

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