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Hopefully MTV's Wade Robson was at Doak Campbell Stadium on Saturday because there was a good ol' fashioned dance off. The Colorado Buffaloes kicked off the party with a group dance on the FSU logo. It was a nice number, with solid group choreography, but the intensity didn't last long.

Noticing what CU had done, Florida State set out to show the judges they had the moves to emerge victorious. The ‘Noles dance, title "Send the Buffs Home Crying,' started slow but then kicked into overdrive.

The dance off was over before special judge Justin Guarini even made his vote. FSU took home 47 votes to Colorado's 7.

After CU's somewhat ridiculous dance at midfield prior to the start of the game, there wasn't much noise made from the bunch from Boulder. Hey, we're all four talking the talk, but you make sure you can walk the walk. The only walking done on Saturday was the ‘Noles walking, rather stomping, all over the Buffs.

What went right: There were a few highlights here and there – Jeremy Bloom and Lawrence Vickers come to mind – but the best thing that happened to CU on Saturday was the final score. By FSU pouring it on in the second half, Gary Barnett is now forced to make some changes. We're talking some serious changes.

For the second straight week, the secondary was manhandled. Chris Rix and his receivers had a field day against the Buffs' baffled secondary. Afterward, the trio of Rix, Craphonso Thorpe and P.K. Sam did as much talking as they did scoring against CU, saying the Buffs gave them exactly what they expected.

(Sidenote: Someone in the CU camp needs to get those comments and a tape of the game with Bob Griese's comments to each and every player on the team. The coaches need them, too. Both should serve as good reminders to how much of an embarrassment the game was for Colorado.).

On the field, the best things came from Bloom and the Buffs' running game. Bloom's 81-yard touchdown reception in the second quarter brought the CU to within three points at 10-7. It was his only catch of the day, but it showed what he can do with his speed. The coaching staff needs to get the sophomore more involved in the passing game.

Brian Calhoun showed a few flashes, but the play of Vickers proved that he needs more plays called for him, as well.

The run defense also was stellar, holding FSU to just 83 yards on 38 carries. Such is life, when the opposition is passing all over you.

What went wrong: The defense, especially the secondary, needs a complete overhaul. Scheme, personal, the whole shootin' match needs to change. Fast. Phil Jackson was beaten on several long plays. FSU passed over, under and around CU defenders all day. Rix amassed career highs, finishing with 394 yards and two scores. The majority of his looks went to Thorpe, who had 205 receiving yards and two scores.

It certainly didn't help matters that there was no pass rush to speak of. Colorado, which blitzed only sparingly, never really got to Rix, instead allowing the quarterback to sit in the pocket to look for open receivers.

The special teams play was equally awful. Blocked punts and missed field goals were the name of the game against the ‘Noles.

Three Stars of the Game
1. Chris Rix. The much-maligned signal caller came to play on Saturday. Granted it came against a terrible pass defense. He hit the open receivers and posted a slew of career marks.
2. Craphonso Tharpe. The swagger is back for the ‘Noles, thanks in large part to Thorpe. He dismantled the Buffs on the field and then stripped down even further with his comments after the game.
3. Erik Greenburg. This is a mercy selection. Making his first career start, Greenburg managed to keep the Buffs competitive in the first half despite little to no help from his offensive line. He took a beating on the afternoon, but he deserves some credit for giving it his all. (Yes, that's what this season has come to.)

Injury Report: Greenburg suffered a mild concussion in the second half and Marwan Hage tweaked his ankle. Neither injury is considered serious.

The Big Picture: Things haven't been this bad for the Buffs in sometime, especially for the defense. It will be interesting to see what kind of changes Barnett makes before the Buffs take the field again.

On the bright side, there's nowhere to go but up.

What's next? Colorado gets a much needed bye week before Big 12 play begins with a road game against Baylor.

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