Kruck's Corner: Interview With Jeremy Bloom

With each passing week, superstar Jeremy Bloom gets more involved in the University of Colorado's offense. And as the Buffs begin Big 12 play this weekend, the sophomore Bloom would like nothing more than to see more balls thrown his way. We caught up with him after Wednesday's practice.

RK: Ron Kruck along with wide receiver Jeremy Bloom and Jeremy after back-to-back losses and a week off I'm guessing you'd like nothing more than to get back on the field.

JB: Yeah definitely. And last week's practice was really intense, a lot of hitting and now we're ready to hit somebody else and start our Big 12 play and hopefully get this team back on track.

RK: Well it was another brutal non-conference schedule, but the past couple of years when the Buffs have got into the Big 12 schedule that's when you guys have really gotten on a roll.

JB: For sure, but I like the non-conference schedule. When you play teams like Florida State, when you play Washington State and UCLA and CSU, you are going to be ready for any team in the Big 12 and I think the Big 12 is one of the toughest conferences in football today.

I think were prepared. We've seen the best teams and we've got some big challenges coming up and hopefully that will help us in Big 12 play.

RK: You've had some huge plays the last couple of weeks, are you getting more comfortable with this offense and does it matter who's throwing you the ball?

JB: I feel real comfortable with the offense now and whether it's Klatt or Greenburg or Cox back there throwing us the ball it doesn't matter to us. Our job as receivers is to block and catch the ball when it comes to us.

RK: Are the coaches trying to get the ball to you a little more and incorporate your skills more with this offense?

JB: Well, I do have some special plays that are incorporated into the offense but I think now I am transitioning into more normal plays on every normal down. It's helping me because last year I'd come in for a couple of plays and they would be special plays and everyone on the defense is calling out hey 15 is in the game, watch 15! So I'm getting more playing time which is more beneficial.

RK: The offense this season has had some injuries and struggled to run the ball at times but you have had two weeks to get back on track. Where is the offense right now?

JB: We are inspired. I mean we came out the first game of the season and threw for over 400 yards, struggled against UCLA, had a decent day against Washington State and struggled against Florida State so it's time to find our identity as an offense and get back to playing Colorado football everyone is used to.

RK: Last question, you've probably seen some film on Baylor by now, usually this team is a doormat in the conference but right now enter the game at 2-2 with a new head coach. What do you expect from their defense?

JB: Well, it looks like right now they're playing a lot of man coverage on film, a lot of man and man free. So we're looking forward to the challenge of having one guy against us. I know I love to see that. But we'll see on Saturday if they play man but obviously I'm hoping they do.

RK: I think CU fans are hoping they do to. Good luck.

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