Kruck's Corner: Interview With Brian Daniels

With so many changes taking place on the offensive line for the CU Buffs, it's hard to tell who is going to end up where. The only player who has not switched positions yet is freshman OG Brian Daniels. But then again, he has only been playing college football for two months. We caught up with him after practice.

RK: Speaking with CU offensive guard Brian Daniels and Brian every time you turn around it looks as if the o-line is going through some changes, do you even know whom you're playing with this weekend?

BD: You know were just moving pieces around and coach says we're all interchangeable, so we're trying to find the five best guys and get them on the field.

Once we do that, we'll start really gelling together, making the calls and really fire off and knock people off the ball. You know, it's still a work in progress and we're still adjusting things but we're getting pretty close and its feeling pretty good.

RK: Where are you going to be this week and do you know who will be starting with you?

BD: Well, I'll be at split guard this week and I think Marwan (Hage) will be at center again and Derek (Stemrich) will be the other guard.

RK: Are the constant changes hard for you as a freshman coming in to learn the system and really get comfortable with the guys your playing with?

BD: Well you know, we all have such a good handle on what we are supposed to do because we all need to know pretty much every position. So when you get moved around there is a little hesitation at first but when you get in the groove of things and the calls start coming out it's really no different.

For me, the guys I play with Marwan and Karl and the older guys they really know the system from back to front so if I'm next to them and have a question I ask them. It's like having a second coaching staff. So the moves haven't really bothered us and we're working with it pretty well. RK: You mention guys like Marwan who have been in the trenches for years, how big has it been to have these guys when you're just learning about the CU system and learning about college football in general?

BD: Marwan sits down with me and we analyze all the film. He spends a lot of time showing me what to do and what not to do. He really is a great second coach and has helped me a lot in understanding things and is probably a big reason why I'm starting right now.

RK: You've had two weeks to think about a couple of losses and really try and get things back on track. How was practice this week?

BD: So far this week has gone really well. The offense is clicking well and I think we'll have another great practice tomorrow. As of right now it feels really good and I think things are clicking.

RK: The running game has always been the heart of the Buff's offense the past few seasons but it's struggling this year. Can you pinpoint a reason for that?

BD: I think it's just a combination of little mistakes here and there. I mean at the beginning there were a lot of new guys on the line and a lot of new things to learn. At Florida State we came out in the first half and ran the ball fairly efficiently and then it shut down when we fell behind but you could tell it is starting to come together and I expect a big jump in the running game the next few weeks.

RK: It's a good way to start the Big 12 season with Baylor, what do you expect to see from the Bear defense?

BD: They play extremely hard and if we don't come out and do the same they're going to surprise us. So we need to bring the game to them and play as hard as we can no matter who the opponent is, it's about us.

RK: As a freshman are you excited about getting the Big 12 conference season going?

BD: Absolutely. We're on a mission and it's very exciting.

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