BC Prep Game of the Week, Part Two

It was all Overland Friday Night as the Trailblazers slaughtered Eaglecrest 45-7 at the Stutler Bowl. During a stretch in the 2nd quarter, Overland converted three straight defensive turnovers into touchdowns as they proceeded to blow the game wide open. Eaglecrest was manhandled throughout the night on both sides of the ball. Some scouting notes from a game that wasn't much of a contest.

BuffCountry.com's number #15 player in the state was impressive. Tyler Joyce is a legit 6'4 and may be more than his listed weight of 215. He has nice speed and awareness. Joyce had no problem reading the Eaglecrest offense, as he was able to snuff out screens and traps with little or no trouble. Joyce also has speed. There was one play in the second quarter where he came on an all-out blitz. Joyce showed extreme quickness in getting to the quarterback and caused the QB to throw an interception. If there was one area where Joyce looked like he might need improvement it was in his pass defense. However, he wasn't challenged much by a struggling Eaglecrest offense. Overall, I think Joyce is a solid Division 1 recruit and someone who is going to get more attention as the recruiting season progresses.

I had a chance to speak with Tyler after the game. I asked him how he thought he played.

"I think I did real well. They ran a lot of draws and traps, but I think we were able to read them pretty well. The defense is really starting to come around." I next asked Tyler what schools he's hearing from. "I'm hearing a lot from CSU, Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming and CU."

As for official visits, he told me, "CSU really wants me to come up there for a visit. Montana too. A lot of schools are waiting to see how I do this season."

Another extremely impressive player was DT Robert Claypool. This guy is a legitimate D1 talent. He's 6'2, 280, and looks even bigger than that. Claypool caused trouble for the Eaglecrest offense all afternoon. He has great run-stuffing ability and put pressure on the quarterback all day. This is a guy who could easily play D1 football and someone who should be getting more attention.

I had a chance to speak with Claypool after the game. I asked him what schools he's hearing from.

"I'm getting a lot of stuff from CU, CSU, Oregon, and New Mexico State."

As for official visits, the only one he plans on taking right now is to New Mexico State. It is rumored that Claypool may have serious grade issues, which is a shame, as he's a heck of a talent.

Another kid that really shined was LB Kevin Childs, 6'1, 205. This kid is big, strong, and fast. He had a great afternoon and was one of the reasons Overland was able to dominate the way they did. Speaking with Childs, he is not yet hearing from schools.

Final thoughts from Overland Coach Tony Manfredi: Speaking with Coach Manfredi after the game, he was cautiously pleased with his team's performance. He said they made a lot of early mistakes but was pleased that they were able to overcome these errors. He called his Overland team a "patchwork" team and said they are the "walking wounded." Due to injuries, they have had no consistency in positions such as the offensive line. He said this was a nice win for the team, and they're just taking things, "game to game." When asked to name an MVP from the game, he said it would likely be the entire defense, especially Claypool.

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