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Buff Country caught up with Savannah State head coach <b>Edward L. Daniels Jr.</b>, and CU players <b>David Harrison</b> and <b>Jason Obazuaye after the game. Here is what they had to say.

Savannah State head coach Edward L. Daniels Jr.

"Well, I thought it was a good effort. We're kind of out-manned almost everywhere we go, especially these bigger schools. We had a couple of times when they'd get out to runs because we wouldn't get back on defense. They penetrated the basketball and kicked it out for some threes. It was tougher to contain the shooters on the team (Blair Wilson) and (Michele Morandais). We did a good job most of the time, but the times we didn't do a good job they made us pay. I thought we did come down some of the times and make some good shots. But, unfortunately, we did that at the same time they were making the threes."

On CU center David Harrison...

"I don't think (CU head coach Ricardo Patton) played him a lot because in games like this you're scared of him being injured. But I think players are like that, too. He's a monster; he's an absolute monster inside. And we'd have inside help just to try and get to him before he could turn it inside on offense, but it would never get there. And then the flip side became when we were getting to him we weren't getting to the three. You can't do both against a good team."

On CU starting point guard Jason Obazuaye

"I was very impressed with him. I was impressed with his court sense. He's pretty strong for a little point guard and he would go down low to grab boards. He was definitely a factor."

On the game's leading scorer Michele Morandais

"He an incredible shooter, but he does so much more than just shoot the basketball. His dribble-drive is nice and he can knock down those short jumpers. He gets up off the floor which makes it extremely hard to try and defend against him. And he defended well, so I was impressed with him."

Colorado forward Michele Morandais

On the steps the team needs to make before its Big 12 opener against Nebraska

"We all need (to improve). I have to try and get back to the level I was playing at before my junior year. I don't think I've played well since the start of the season. Each of us has to make adjustments in any way we can. We all have to do it, especially myself."

Colorado starting point guard Jason Obazuaye

On his first start of the season…

"Well, I used to play a little point in high school and I just wanted to take care of the ball and bring some energy to the floor. The pressure wasn't too much – it wasn't like the game against Kansas. Coach had mixed me up in yesterday's practice so I had a feeling I would start, and I kind of got myself psyched about that. I think I played pretty well. I want to go after it on defense and bring energy to the team."

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